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  1. Thanks I certainly thought so when I found them, but now I have some doubts about it and am just confused by the Air Force uniforms because they aren't the 3/4 inch braid meant for a general, yet they have the shoulder boards. Plus I have seen other examples that are named to generals that seem to only have the 1/2 inch braid. If they are real I may have also found an ID, Brigadier General Dudley Smidt of the Iowa Air National Guard was promoted to general in 1985, which means that he would have had the normal officers uniform previously and I think he held that position until 1991 from re
  2. Well after doing a little more research I found that neither Air Force uniform is a true general officers uniform, which makes me wonder if they are origional and the general simply added the new shoulder boards for his new rank when he was promoted. They were only 25$ so I dont nessisarilly think they were faked to deceive a collector because the shoulderboards seem to sell for about that much on eBay and the Cerimonial Whites appears to be a less common uniform to encounter. I am going to go back and check the final uniform tomorrow to see if it is for a general officer, but does anyone with
  3. I think the one on the left (mannequins right) is definatly a real mk2 from what I can see, however the one with the yellow ring does look like a reproduction to me. No mk2 or mk2 training grenades have the jungle clip that is found on a M228 fuse, and it appears this one has a jungle clip. I must say however that it still looks good there and its an amazing display with a killer sword.
  4. I am pretty sure the size was altered, if you look the first tag says 36R and the second says 32R. Maybe it was like other uniforms that had to be resized from where they have shrunk, but I don't know that a M43 would shrink when washed so who knows.
  5. Intrestingly I got two different styles of Air Force boards, I really dont know what the difference is because they both apear the same otherwise with the same Meyer shield on both.
  6. I found these today at a local antique store. The first is a Major General from the Pennsilvania National Guard, unfortunatly it was unnamed. I also found what I beleive are a set of Air Force dress uniforms for a brigadier General. Unfortunately these uniforms are also unnamed, but at least the White Ceremonial Dress uniform narrows down the time frame to 1983-1993. There was a 3rd mess dress with them that I might go back for if I am correct that these are genuine general uniforms. Any additional information or opinions are welcome because these uniforms are still not something I am familiar
  7. I wish I could say that I got it off him, but I didn't and that was the best photo I got of it because the strobe lights kept making everything purple and out of focus. The owner wasnt too helpful saying simply that he had "found it". Clearly he just wanted to be left alone but in retrospect he probably would have sold it to me if I had thought to pay for all his drinks that night. I kind of doubt that it was genuine because the fabric and construction seemed too new and not as heavy duty as ones I have seen here. It also lacked a belt and I think belt loops but it was still cool to see. I
  8. That's pretty neat, is the hole in the front of the shell centered so that he could wear his rank on the outside also? I hope it can be confirmed as his.
  9. Thanks, unfortunately the pins were stripped off when I found it but I think I found some of them at the Surplus store with the other ETO jacket, they will have to do to keep the holes fresh while I research it and try to restore it. That 1950 jacket is pretty cool also, I think Korean war items are under rated.
  10. I doubted this was real, and Im pretty sure I was right but the strobe lights really were not the best examining environment.
  11. That ww1 patch is a really cool find, Im about to make one last out of town run but here are some of my finds: yet another modern full patched and named 101st, a ww2 navy jumper (this one has victory matches in the pocket that I thought were pretty cool), a ww2 heavier field shirt, a real pasgt with all the mold stickers and an extra cover, A ww2 8th airforce jacket with british made patch (Named to Leo Moore O-714979 it was part of a much larger group the rest of which was found at the military surplus store that donated it to Goodwill so it will be a latest finds post soon), and last but not
  12. Glad to see that liner ended up reconected with it's origional helmet. I was also bidding on it and had planned to go higher because it was a fairly nice airborne liner and I was really intrested in the other liner that was with it. Please let us know if you find out what is under the paint because it looks like there is a decal that was painted over. It looks like it was for the best that the auction ended when I was in class and couldnt get to the phone.
  13. I cant wait to see what this turns out to be. I feel like in picture 6 you can see some red paint showing through, great find.
  14. Wow, those are all quality lids but I especially love the M1c with the 82nd decals. That is a really cool one.
  15. That's smart, it would be nice if there was more that would turn up.
  16. That is a really great find. Do you think think there is any chance of more of his stuff turning up from the same seller?
  17. Thank you for the opinion, honestly I really like the imperfections in the lt bar and the somewhat sloppy nature of it because to me it shows that it was done by hand probably quickly by the veteran himself without concern for whether it was perfect or not, he must have had more important worries at the time. This I think adds a lot of character to the piece, assuming it was real. Thank you I appreciate the reply, I was more concerned for preservation then if it were originally like that because I have seen plenty that do have the headband on the neck trap that I have no doubt are origi
  18. Thank you everyone for the opinions, I feel much more confident that the helmet is in fact a WW2 helmet now, especilly after learning about the early features such as folded webbing and the double loop headband. This was a good learning experience for me. Also I have been able to determine that the name is N. M. Austin, so hopefully this will be a good research opportunity.
  19. Luckily that seems to be a different patch. Clearly they read this thread and got the beercan photo and information from here but thankfully this isn't someone posting the same photos of the patch for fraud.
  20. Wow that's incredible. I can't believe that over 100 years later it was possible to identify both the giver and receiver of this gift. Great job aznation!
  21. Thanks for the advice. Also thats the first that I have ever heard that soldiers removed the straps, Ive never seen it before but I guess maybe I had always assumed that they had been wrapped around the back and conected that way. Thats good to know. P.S. I like your username I have a great uncle who served with the 175th infantry, I recently did the research and discovered he was KIA at Brest despite family stories always saying it had been Normandy.
  22. On a different subject do you guys think that I should move the remains of the headband off of the neck strap and down where it is supposed to be or leave it as I found it? I am worried it may tear the neck strap and this is the first completely intact liner I have and I would like to keep it that way. Again I am sorry if this second round of pictures is bad quality also and of no help, I dont mean to waste anyone's time. Thanks!
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