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  1. Sadly it took me over a month to make it back due to the holiday and my final exams for school. I did snap some pictures for you, however I realized there were some neat displays that I forgot to take pictures of because I was too busy digging for stuff.
  2. I find that photo hilarious, I can just imagine the guy one the left saying: "look at my knife guys", to which the third on the right replies "that's not a knife, THIS IS A KNIFE!" Its always cool to see what non-standard gear the GI had in the field.
  3. All publicity is good publicity, just visited your site and eBay store due to this. Your site looks pretty clean and professional, good job and good luck.
  4. #2 is a cloth DUI for the 6th field artilery. I did not know they made one for that unit in cloth. There would also be a second one that went with it facing the oposite way because it was one of the DUI that came in mirored pairs.
  5. So I returned the shirt, but in hind sight I should have kept it and stripped it for parts. It is back up now after regaining an infantry collar device that goes perfectly with the fake 782nd oval. It also sprouted a pair of jump wings on the oval now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-17th-AIRBORNE-DIV-2nd-LT-KHAKI-LONG-SLEEVE-SHIRT-W-OVAL-AND-WINGS/193243172195?hash=item2cfe30cd63:g:vDIAAOSwAfhd6XwS There is no doubt in my mind now that the seller is modifying uniforms. Hopefully this steers some people away from this uniform as well as the almost half-dozen other airborne uniforms the gu
  6. That makes the 3rd 88th helmet I have seen pop up in a month. I think 1-2 on origonality so far, makes me wonder why the sudden influx from that unit. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Actually thanks a ton for that information, I think I discovered another Air Force general uniform hiding in my collection. I had an officers uniform named to a Milnes, that I got from a salvation army last year and noted that there was a Brigider General Milnes. I figured it couldn't be his because it had a narrow braid, but I just gave it a second look and the pin holes would line up nearly exactly with the uniform he is seen wearing in this picture: https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/106227/brigadier-general-richard-c-milnes-ii/ Not really sure what information i
  8. Thanks Beast! Thats confusing that they all wore the same braid.
  9. Ok, with the additional information I do not beleive that the 384th BG had a DUI, but I did see that they have a very neat theater made scroll that reads "keep the show on the road" which was their moto. Ill keep an eye out for a picture of one to share with you because I haven't yet.
  10. Thanks for the link, I didn't know that slide type existed. Or that there was apparently a rotary navy version that was also in a green tin, turns out I had a pair of navy goggles on a bomber display for a year. Opps haha.
  11. Wow that is a great settup and blast helmet, mine is not nearly in as good shape. Are those variable density goggles that you have displayed on it, would those be what a navy talker would wear? That is really cool about the sound powered microphone working double duty. Thanks for sharing.
  12. ASMIC does not have a cataloged DUI for 8th Bomber Command that I could find. I would highly recommend joining if you have an interest in DUI or patches.
  13. That is a really attractive one, definitely seems German made. Nice!
  14. Thanks, for pointing that out because I never explicitly said it. I believe that the Colorado Military School (CMS) still exists today as the Colorado Military Academy, although they use a different insignia currently.
  15. Are you sure it is a ww2 piece? it doesn't look like it is a front seam and it does not have sewn on straps. My guess is that it is a vietnam vintage helmet in which case my advice would be to get a nice weathered Vietnam era helmet cover to put over it. It will save you a lot of work and look like a decent display piece. That being said I dont really agree with messing with paint unless it is to uncover something that you know is under a layer of paint.
  16. The two enamal 1st cav DUI that I beleive are Japanese made. Intrestingly despite having been a matched pair they are not the same designs because the horse is pretty clearly different on both pieces. The one on the right also is slightly smaller but noticably heavier then the larger example to the right.
  17. The Italian made Civil affairs compared to a lighter blue German made example. Also a better picture showing the screw back and cloth Colorado Military school. The cloth one was found with the ribbon bar pinned through the bottom which I think is neat.
  18. Thanks for the info Wake I had assumed the torch was ROTC although I am a little surprised by the Commander being a Legion piece. Now that I know what to look for I see you are right, I am still surprised that they made such an attractive bullion bordered one. I have decided to start posting better pictures of some of the better pins since the group photo turned out so bad. Hopefully this one shows all of the finer hand engraved details in the areas the CBI that would be white.
  19. Up next are the patches, the Indian made CBI, torch, and commander patches all came from the same CBI grouping. I am not sure what either of the last two patches are for but I assume they are ROTC patches of some sort. The torch is a surprisingly nice embroidered felt example and the comander one has a neat bullion boarder that will probably be lost in the picture posted. Next I found a pretty neat Chinese Aviation Cadet patch. I am not really sure if it is really "american militaria" but it was made in the US for Chinese pilots who were being trained in the US durring WW2 so I think it i
  20. To my frustration I am finding that the picture size was reduced when I attached it and I apologize for the poor quality that it caused, if anyone wants a better picture of any of the pins just ask and I will be happy to post a close up of just that DUI.
  21. Ive been lucky this last month to find some really facinating theater made DUI and a few nicer patches both as groupings and on ebay and I thought some of the more intresting ones would be worth sharing. Starting with the DUI I have managed to find 3 German made variations of the 18th infantry, vertical painted, horizontal pin enamel, and what I eagerly thought was an authentic single clutch back. From an army surplus store I found 3 different variations of Japanese (I think) pins, 2 screw back and one painted pin back. The European Civil Affairs is very interesting to me because I bel
  22. Wow that is a really cool one, thanks for sharing.
  23. Since the question only related to the missing tongue I was looking at a type 9 that he had on the website which he stated was most likely a factory error. I guess maybe it was an unfair comparison since a later variation might have been made without a tongue but I felt like it was a safe bet that if it had happened as a factory error before it could happen again. http://www.101airborneww2.com/eaglepatchcorner.html (picture I was referring to was second up from bottom) But I also agree that the 37th patch and the ribbon rack combined are worth it. It is a pretty cool piece.
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