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  1. Holy cow, thats one of the last things I would think to have seen on eBay considering that they take down even purple hearts. If these are real would they be legal to buy or does that rule only apply to ones that are awarded?
  2. I beleive that is for the 94th signal battalion. Is it Donfero marked?
  3. Thank you for that link, I had forgotten about the Spanish Influenza and that it would have been part of their concern. The link looks like it contains a lot of useful period resources that may help me research the individual. I've been lucky and discovered that in the Annual reports of the USPHS they used to report the actions of every officer so I have some idea of his activities conducting sanitary surveys. That stops in 1918 however and I couldn't figure out why but I bet they just had more important things to worry about in that year like the flu. Thank you, I had not noticed that
  4. Whats the name of the app if you don't mind sharing? that could really come in handy.
  5. Glad to see that someone more knowlageble came along to help you and that they ended up being real mk2 trainers. The segments still seem off to me and a little too knobby but I think you had a good point 917601 that if they had been sand blasted that detail may disappear. I am interested what you find when you strip the paint.
  6. I have that problem a lot also, if you email pictures to yourself that is one way that I have found to compress them. Unfortunatly they look kind of crappy afterwards and you lose some quality and size, but at least you could post it.
  7. Are there any markings on the body? A training grenade wouldn't normally have a threaded body as Bodes pointed out unless it was an early screw bottom ww2 grenade because occasionally those were emptied out and used as trainers. I don't really think it is one of those however because ww2 grenades generally have sharper edges then this grenade.
  8. Wow, I had been watching this and the 11th airborne uniform the seller also has listed with some intrest, but if he used scans of pictures from someone else's collection then I wouldn't touch these with a 10 ft pole, thanks for sharing that.
  9. If a moderator could move this somewhere in the Uniform section I would appreciate it because I plan to update this post with the finished uniform and I feel like it could be a useful resource for anyone who may come across another of these uniforms in the future. Thanks!
  10. They had a bunch of really great items drop on their website today, they also had a China marine group and some great painted ww1 helmets I am disapointed I missed. Its kind of luck of the draw with them.
  11. In my opinion the more crudely made German, Egyption, Japanese, and CBI DUIs are always good finds so I don't think you could ever go wrong with a German made plastic one. Managed to pick up a few yesterday that weren't as nice as that one and it still made my day.
  12. 103rd AAA Gp, thats a really nice one I love those german made plastic DI.
  13. Additionally I am wondering if anyone can explain the roll of Company Mess Sergeant, because I have tried to reserch the position and all I can find is the sparse description that it was an NCO who was in charge of meal planning and other related activities. Does anyone know if as the highest ranking NCO in the company would they have had other rolls or had any reason to be present on the Am-tracks for the Amphibious battalion?
  14. I hope I am posting this in the right place, sorry moderators if there is somewhere more fitting. I am wondering if someone can clarify the history of the 3rd Marine Division for me, I recently picked up a great named M41 jacket that I have been able to identify as belonging to a marine of the 3rd Amphibious Tractor Battalion, and while the jacket may have been worn on Iwo Jima the leather name tag appears to have been added post war. The tag is similar to others I have seen on the forum that came from marines in post-war China I wonder if he may have been in China also. The only prob
  15. Nice, thats great to have something from your family's service like that.
  16. That ;looks like a great stand and pairs well with that great helmet, good job.
  17. Very nice to have one with so much sentimental history, it looks to be in pretty good shape for having been used for play.
  18. That marking is in a weird place for a unit marking, and doesn't really look like any 551st mark I've seen. It could be just a liner that a bored soldier in the Pacific drew on to personalize it.
  19. That's awesome! Basically everything my brother got me for X-mas this year was Army shirts from the game, probably to try and make me feel better about having to miss it this year. Was this one game used? On a side note I think there is actually a real collectors market for some of the items they produced for the last 3 games.
  20. Amazingly I was actually able to find individual who wore this uniform listed in the 1916 Annual Public Health Service report. He is listed as an assistant surgeon under the rural sanitation section on pg 352. Apparently at the end of 1916 there were only 200 commissioned officers in the Corps which would explain why everything seems so difficult to find. https://books.google.com/books?id=nYDraawx8qYC&pg=PA370&lpg=PA370&dq=annual+report+of+the+surgeon+general++public+health+service+1916&source=bl&ots=PDcav7Ajlg&sig=ACfU3U2rMXXu_NBh8t1_Zoc1OAV6cceeYw&hl=en&sa=
  21. Yeah I was really surprised at how high it ended up because I had never seen one sell before either. Ive seen other units DI's go for crazy money before but it stuck me as odd that something like a Coastal Artilery pin that wasnt theater made or anything could draw so much attention.
  22. No I was just joking that I would give him a great return on his investment. The one I was bidding on ended at $215, this one might be be worth slightly less due to the fact that it appears to have some tarnish on the ram but It would still go for a really nice price I bet.
  23. Well if it cost you a couple bucks then want to X10 your investment? Its an ASMIC Most Wanted pin and I believe I read one of the rarer Coast Artillery insignia, although the article noted they are getting easier to find. I've lost out on the chance to get one before so I know about what they go for and you did very well.
  24. That 53rd Coast Artillery is a really great find, congrats!
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