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  1. Unfortunatly I can't seem to at the moment, the hallmarks are too small for my phone to capture without the file being to big for site. I actually just found the maker using the Assayers marks which appear to match the ones used by a company called Gorham from provenance which used a lion, anchor, and G. This company used a scimitar to represent the year 1917 which means it is definitely from WW1. That leaves me still unsure of what the BM means. Is this maker common? I will try posting a picture in the future to show the marks clearly once I figure out the technology.
  2. Thanks Ill try that, I failed to notice that it didnt look like an "American style" eagle until after I bought it but figured I would check to be sure.
  3. In the same trip I picked up a great set of WW1(?) Captains "coffin lid" bars for free. They are well marked on the back and appear to have been made by a jeweler due to the punch marks but I was wondering if anyone knows what maker used the BM hallmark with the schimmer. I have not been able to find it on the forum hallmark pages. thanks!
  4. I picked these up from a very successful trip to an antique store recently and I was wondering if this bullion patch was military in origin. It was cheap enough and looked close enough for me to take a chance on it, but am wondering if anyone knows what it is.
  5. What a coincidence I was at Ikea yesterday and was looking at getting a Turbo for storing extra uniforms. Glad to hear its great for this use because I really the solid look that it has to it. You have a great war room going.
  6. Thats a good group of fun shooters to keep. I hope downsizing is a long time away for me because I could never imagine selling a gun, however, my list that I would never get rid of so far are my first 1943 dated M1, M1D, 1911 West Point class pistols, and an interesting espagne 92, which I have some circumstantial evidence may have been used and brought back by a WW1 veteran.
  7. Finally this 24th division shirt caught my eye as I was leaving. I thought it might be theater made and worth that risk since it was only 5$. I figure I can probably recreate the ribbon bar that is missing and will have a nice shirt from someone who was a Korean War vet.
  8. This medic's ripstop jacket that was 1969 dated also caught my eye. It must not have been used in Vietnam because it probably wouldn't be in such good shape if it had been but its still neat.
  9. The trip proved very fruitful and I happened to find another navy aviotor uniform that I pulled from the rafters for $30. I personally think that the pair of bullion wings on this uniform are significantly more attractive then the first due to the rolled metal that forms the top of the wings. Both jacket and pants are named to G B Hurlbut and dated 8/1945 which I beleive is Gordon Buckland Hurlbut whose obituary says that he was a navy flight instructor during ww2, however his rank is listed as Lt. J.G. so if it is him he must have been promoted from ensign at some point.
  10. Front where all of the helmets, hats, and really high end items and field gear are.
  11. More uniforms along the wall and what I think is some large practice bomb leaning against the wall. It has fins on the bottom so I assume its some ordinance.
  12. Here you can see how large groups of the uniforms hang from the beams of the roof. Its neat to see but it makes it a pain to get to and they are all really dusty and cobwebby when they come down.
  13. Sadly it took me over a month to make it back due to the holiday and my final exams for school. I did snap some pictures for you, however I realized there were some neat displays that I forgot to take pictures of because I was too busy digging for stuff.
  14. I find that photo hilarious, I can just imagine the guy one the left saying: "look at my knife guys", to which the third on the right replies "that's not a knife, THIS IS A KNIFE!" Its always cool to see what non-standard gear the GI had in the field.
  15. All publicity is good publicity, just visited your site and eBay store due to this. Your site looks pretty clean and professional, good job and good luck.
  16. #2 is a cloth DUI for the 6th field artilery. I did not know they made one for that unit in cloth. There would also be a second one that went with it facing the oposite way because it was one of the DUI that came in mirored pairs.
  17. So I returned the shirt, but in hind sight I should have kept it and stripped it for parts. It is back up now after regaining an infantry collar device that goes perfectly with the fake 782nd oval. It also sprouted a pair of jump wings on the oval now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-17th-AIRBORNE-DIV-2nd-LT-KHAKI-LONG-SLEEVE-SHIRT-W-OVAL-AND-WINGS/193243172195?hash=item2cfe30cd63:g:vDIAAOSwAfhd6XwS There is no doubt in my mind now that the seller is modifying uniforms. Hopefully this steers some people away from this uniform as well as the almost half-dozen other airborne uniforms the gu
  18. That makes the 3rd 88th helmet I have seen pop up in a month. I think 1-2 on origonality so far, makes me wonder why the sudden influx from that unit. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Actually thanks a ton for that information, I think I discovered another Air Force general uniform hiding in my collection. I had an officers uniform named to a Milnes, that I got from a salvation army last year and noted that there was a Brigider General Milnes. I figured it couldn't be his because it had a narrow braid, but I just gave it a second look and the pin holes would line up nearly exactly with the uniform he is seen wearing in this picture: https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/106227/brigadier-general-richard-c-milnes-ii/ Not really sure what information i
  20. Thanks Beast! Thats confusing that they all wore the same braid.
  21. Ok, with the additional information I do not beleive that the 384th BG had a DUI, but I did see that they have a very neat theater made scroll that reads "keep the show on the road" which was their moto. Ill keep an eye out for a picture of one to share with you because I haven't yet.
  22. Thanks for the link, I didn't know that slide type existed. Or that there was apparently a rotary navy version that was also in a green tin, turns out I had a pair of navy goggles on a bomber display for a year. Opps haha.
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