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  1. That marking is in a weird place for a unit marking, and doesn't really look like any 551st mark I've seen. It could be just a liner that a bored soldier in the Pacific drew on to personalize it.
  2. That's awesome! Basically everything my brother got me for X-mas this year was Army shirts from the game, probably to try and make me feel better about having to miss it this year. Was this one game used? On a side note I think there is actually a real collectors market for some of the items they produced for the last 3 games.
  3. Amazingly I was actually able to find individual who wore this uniform listed in the 1916 Annual Public Health Service report. He is listed as an assistant surgeon under the rural sanitation section on pg 352. Apparently at the end of 1916 there were only 200 commissioned officers in the Corps which would explain why everything seems so difficult to find. https://books.google.com/books?id=nYDraawx8qYC&pg=PA370&lpg=PA370&dq=annual+report+of+the+surgeon+general++public+health+service+1916&source=bl&ots=PDcav7Ajlg&sig=ACfU3U2rMXXu_NBh8t1_Zoc1OAV6cceeYw&hl=en&sa=
  4. Yeah I was really surprised at how high it ended up because I had never seen one sell before either. Ive seen other units DI's go for crazy money before but it stuck me as odd that something like a Coastal Artilery pin that wasnt theater made or anything could draw so much attention.
  5. No I was just joking that I would give him a great return on his investment. The one I was bidding on ended at $215, this one might be be worth slightly less due to the fact that it appears to have some tarnish on the ram but It would still go for a really nice price I bet.
  6. Well if it cost you a couple bucks then want to X10 your investment? Its an ASMIC Most Wanted pin and I believe I read one of the rarer Coast Artillery insignia, although the article noted they are getting easier to find. I've lost out on the chance to get one before so I know about what they go for and you did very well.
  7. That 53rd Coast Artillery is a really great find, congrats!
  8. That is really cool, Ive never seen an example of the enamal EGA backing before. Thanks for sharing.
  9. That is with out a doubt one of the coolest things I have seen. Congrats!
  10. Thank you, I know I am always surprised by what I find at Goodwill, especially around Halloween time. I thought that since I already have this thread going I would ask and see if anyone knows the value of this type of uniform and insignia to help me plan a budget for it's restoration. The only WW1 example of a USPHS collar insignia I have seen which has sold recently was for 24$, but that strikes me as maybe someone found a great BIN deal that doesn't reflect the true value. Beyond that I can't find an example of any WW1 era insignia or completed uniform which I can use to estimate costs so
  11. Finally the M41 patches that I beleive are civilian. I do not know why they were added, but I am considering removing them so that it resembles a flight jacket which is how I beleive it was worn.
  12. I was also lucky enough to recieve several copies of pictures of the Vet and the crew of his plane.
  13. The Son was also nice enough to include a copy of a map of German POW camps from WW2 which is marked up. Some of the ones circled with X next to them seem to be where he was held. Some others are circled and seem to have names next to them which makes me wonder it that was where other members of his plane were held but I don't know if that is true and it is hard to read what is written.
  14. Here are two very nice Vietnam era patches along with a strange pair of pilot wings that were in the pocket of the jacket. It appears that he was involved with Helicopter units during Vietnam. I am now remembering that the 421 Med Co patch is from the son's service and I forgot to ask what era it was from, however I have not seen one that has the top "dust off" portion. I do not know anything about the wings, they were wrapped in a hankerchief at the bottom of his pocket. The wings are made from some soft metal and look like they may have been removed from a plaque or something which must have
  15. This patch is what originally attracted me to the group and I am really happy to finally have found a Disney patch.
  16. The two attached military patches which I beleive date to the Mid-late 1950's. I am not sure if they were added after the Jacket was used making it a patch jacket, however the age of the patches supports the sons beleif that the jacket was used in Korea. I also doubt that the jacket was his from WW2 because I cannot think of any way that he would have been able to hang onto and keep an issued jacket, that wasn't the flight jacket he wore when shot down, after becoming a POW.
  17. Here is his name found on a database of Allied POWs listing the unit he was assigned to as a ball turret gunner for the 612nd BS. Also listed are the POW camps in which he was held.
  18. I hope that this is appropriate to post in this section because despite the fact that I believe the patches and jacket are from after he was a POW in WW2 there are some pictures and documents from that period. The information from the veteran's son is that his name was Sgt Thomas Brennan (the name does appear in the jacket as well). He was shot down over Germany in January 1944 and was captured by the Germans and was a POW for 18 months. According to his son he was only 17 at the time. He was finally liberated by the Italian allied forces . He then went on to serve in Korea and then Vietnam in
  19. Thats an amazing group, I always love seeing a West Virginia Veteran. My neighbors in WV happen to have the last name Wolfe, I wonder if there is any relation to them.
  20. Oh thank you! That is a very helpful illustration. Luckily for me the pin holes are still present so I know where to place them once I find them, it seems like they were removed recently so I wonder if the Goodwill still has them in the back. I have always wondered what becomes of the missing parts. The ranks might be the hardest to find depending on if I can even identify the individual.
  21. Well thats a surprising explanation, I'm a little disappointed that it is not from a ww1 vet, especially since it coincidently had an early 1918 date. Thanks for the information, is this still technically a military uniform then? It seems like this organization part of the navy at one time? Suddenly the research and possible restoration process got a whole lot more complicated lol.
  22. This WW1 officers Jacket came out of a goodwill today, it is in fairly decent shape despite missing the collar devices and rank pins which can be expected from anything found at goodwill. It is named and dated 3-5-18 in the pocket which was a nice surprise. I am unfamilear with the buttons that are on the uniform however, I don't know if they hold any significance indicating the officer was a doctor or are just private purchase buttons added by the officer. Overall I am happy to add my first WW1 uniform to my collection because I have been searching for one and am happy to have a new research
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