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  1. Got a reply from the seller. He got the GCB in a large collection, some of the pieces labeled as copies, others not. He has pulled the GCB from ebay. The Badge, though a fake, does have collectible value if you're a serious collector and would like to have examples of the bad ones. And the silver versions are silver, so that's something. Hopefully he will relist it for what it really is. Knowledge gives you that choice, and I'm glad you benefited from the post. Bluejacket
  2. An obvious fake USN Good Conduct Badge in "Sterling" and with an engraved name being offered on ebay. eBay item number: 27336172485 2 Everything about it is fake. The "Sterling" stamped fakes were known in the late 1960's, occasionally seen as restrikes, late issues (yea, 1968), and even officer copies. Several people are bidding on this, and unless the price of silver goes sky high, it's going to be an expensive bid. I did write the seller. Bluejacket
  3. Just found a couple of sets of three pins that came in a small box from the Tartaglia military store in Philadelphia. The reverse of the U.S.N. pins are stamped to "Vanguard N.Y STERLING". The Technician and I.P.G. pins are all blank. All show some degree of damage to the gilding. I'm familiar with the Technician pins, although these are a bit larger (5/8 x 3/4") than I remember, but I can't find a reference to the "I.P.G." abbreviation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bluejacket
  4. Could someone check MexBdr Service #33082 and tell me the recipient? Thanks. Bluejacket
  5. It's a commemorative token. I have one, but without the ring for a ribbon. This is the first I've seen with a ribbon attached. Not an official award of any type. Bluejacket
  6. Thanks jprostak, I just saw your post. Bluejacket
  7. I checked the reference section but didn't see this style helmet or liner. It's 11X12" across and about 4 1/2" high. Has a Cairns label, no numbers or letters stamped anywhere I can see without moving the liner, which I prefer not to do. Any help will be appreciated. Bluejacket
  8. Thanks patchtrader864 and firefighter. If anyone else has ideas, please let us know. Bluejacket
  9. Anyone have an ID on either of these. The wheel design looks familiar for some reason. Thanks for any ideas. Bluejacket
  10. 36IDAlex, The green/white/red edges had me thinking MexBdr Service. According to my limited references, this is the Type 2 New Jersey MexBdr service ribbon. Apparently the type 1 had a thin white stripe between the red and blue areas. Of course, it could also be for other state, etc. awards too. Bluejacket
  11. As trenchbuff said. A friend of mine worked at the Philadelphia Navy yard while they were doing the SLEP (Service Life Extension Program) on the Navy's carrier fleet. He got one because their unit always came in under the time limit and with minimal follow-up repairs, etc.. He gave me his pin, and until today, I've never seen another. I've wondered if other awards were recognized like this, but haven't seen any. Thanks for showing it. Bluejacket
  12. Just hit on this topic after being off line for a while. If anyone is interested in a copy of my new edition of the US Navy Good Conduct Medal book, I'm offering them in the "Books" sale section at a discount for USMF members. Check it out. Always nice to see a discussion of the GCM's. Bluejacket
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