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  1. Is there any threads on the evolution of the overseas cap? There are so many styles. Quartermasters labels, private purchases, lined, unlined and so on. I have yet to find much info on these or have I missed it? thanks in advance Mike
  2. These are too good, could it be that you were there in a prior lifetime? Now for nose art!!
  3. Guess the first one didn't take---as said----- Jimmy Doolittles life ------ with no Hollywood add ons---- and no PC stuff -ya know what I mwan? claymore
  4. Personally I'd like to see one on Jimmy Doolittle's life. Factual please. claymore
  5. Yep, I have a headset that have begun to crack,so I have taken special care with them. They have never been abused or exposed to the sun. I guess it is part of the aging process. I think that the damage has stopped. The brown foam ear pads have all but disappeared, the sets with the black rubber are readily available if one looks,,, but the Air Force ones are bout gone.
  6. I think that in the ORIGINAL Memphis Belle ,Morgan started out with an O/S cap before donning the flak helmet --
  7. I do apologize id I have offended you- I have done a lot of business at pawn shops and really done well there and I respect what you do-it is just the attitude that i pick up on with these guys, that's all. I hit the pawn shops regularly. Sorry Claymore
  8. Levi---don't worry- you are NOT highjacking the thread--- this has gone to three pages and everyone has had something good to add. May it go as it wants. A lot of excellent info that we can find no where else! Thread on!!!! claymore
  9. Yeah-I know what you mean. Pawn Stars are really slimey rips. But what do you want from a pawn broker. I just get sick when some really exotic, rare piece comes in, like the Iwo Jima maps, the only thing that is on their mind is how much money it can make them. And Rick stupid looks when the sellers are trying to decide if they want to be robbed. That stare and greasy smile. They need a history lesson and get better "experts". The LAST place I would bring anything would be this place. I quit watching cause I got tired of the B.S. claymore
  10. Thanks to all of you and your efforts and info! A lot is being clarified for me as well as others. I had always wondered about the blue backing and the story behind it. claymore
  11. and did this also include the normal silver p/b and c/b variety of wings? I have seen the large blue rectangular patch like backing as well as no backing at all on combat crew pictures, even 8th AF personnel. I wonder if this was a matter of choice? Or an earlier period when they were more visable. i know that some things were a bit lax at times. good info! thanks for the regulations!! the bit about the imposters is cool too! Claymore
  12. Maybe this is the wrong place to ask, but seems appropriate- when did the blue wool backing for AAC and AAF wings begin and when did it cease or did it. When was is done and not? On what uniforms? Just something I am curious about and I see both on Class A and Ikes among other examples. I know that there are several experts here that have an answer. thanks claymore
  13. fake Pakistani, poor quality one to boot! aged in the creek then run over by a truck! IMHO
  14. super cool!!!! made your day I bet! Claymore
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