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  1. They do look very similar to british made ones
  2. Thanks for the chart... I guess what really confuesed me was on the fading was that he had them in a enclosed box since 46.
  3. I never thought about the fading
  4. I always thought the good conduct was red and white striped
  5. I have been going through Ribbons today, but I have no clue what these are. The one on the top looks like a ETO and Africa ribbon.
  6. They look pretty good for me, thanks for the help
  7. I have finally got around to restoring some items in my collection. All I need now is a m1917 helmet liner, does anyone know of any good reproduction?
  8. Thanks for the quick replys, civilian use more sense with that style of stamp, thanks again
  9. I picked this up at a garage sale recently. My question is were this used by US military personnel,or where they made for civilian use? On The right is the Japanese made, and the one on the left is a 1945 dated canteen.
  10. I pick this up recently and I have no clue on how to properly store this. Any ideas?
  11. Forgot to mention this above, it is a single piece of canvas
  12. I was thinking the same but haven't found any hard evidence for it.
  13. Not sure what these are, no markings or tags.
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