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  1. Not sure if this has been posted but this was worn albeit briefly, by Humphrey Bogart in John Huston's "Across the Pacific" (1942).
  2. It's a educated guess based on what's visible in the photos posted i.e. thirteen blobs and a wheel with eight spokes. The colour's are conjectural although the stars, assuming that's what they are, seem to be white. Buff was the QM branch colour so maybe...
  3. Just a suggestion, the brassard worn by some of the Transport Stevedore Battalion in 1917 seems, to me to consist of the wheel and thirteen stars of the Quartermaster Corps. It may have looked like this...
  4. This design, red and white axes on blue, was used by the 4th and 57th Pioneer Infantry.
  5. The round patch is nothing to do with First Army, it's the badge of the 1st Army Headquarters Regiment (an Army Headquarters Regiment with the ordinal number 1). 1st Army Headquarters Regiment was raised as a general support military police regiment by converting the French speaking 1st New Hampshire National Guard Infantry and filling it out with men with civilian experience as detectives. Formed in November 1917 at Camp Greene, North Carolina, it was overseas from March 1918 to June 1919. Its companies were scattered around the SOS: Headquarters SOS one company SOS Advance Section two companies SOS Intermediate Section two companies Base Section No. 1 one battalion (less two companies) Base Section No. 2 two companies Base Section No. 4 three detachments Base Section No. 5 two companies Base Section No. 6 one company Base Section No. 7 one detachment That one of the badges shown has an interpreter's badge attached is consistent with its role. RW
  6. Can anyone tell me which US and foreign medals Harjes was entitled. I know he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, the Legion d'Honneur, Croix de Guerre and the Ordre de la Couronne. Photos show him wearing six ribbons in two rows. Cheers RW
  7. The LA on the BKQLA badge is for Long An. Horan was with the Long An PRU in 1969 RW
  8. It's 30 Combat Engineer Combat Group (Lien Doan 30 Cong Binh Chien Dau), the ARVN didn't have construction regiments.
  9. 302 Transport Company: The salamander also appeared in red or gold wire on a white disc as a shoulder patch.
  10. World War One Nerd et al, this may be of interest it's lifted verbatim from the "Manual of the Motor Transport Corps", October 1918. 513. IDENTIFICATION INSIGNIA. (a) Trucks composing trains or smaller units of not less than twelve trucks will have stencilled or painted on both sides and the rear distinctive insignia, together with the serial number, of such truck within the company or other unit. The design must be of simple pattern, readily discernable at some distance, and must be black, but on a background of any color, which must be more than eighteen inches square. The same design and the same colored background will be used for all vehicles in a company or smaller unit, while the same design, but of different colored background, for each company will be used for thevehicles in a train. Motor ambulances and passenger cars will also bear such insignia, so far as body construction will permit. (b The organization number will be placed within the square containing the insignia in such a manner as not to create a tendency to confuse it with the registration number, and will indicate the vehicle's number within the organization. Thus, if an organization operate twenty-seven trucks or ambulances and one passenger vehicle, the trucks or ambulances will be numbered from one to twenty-seven consecutively, and the passenger vehicle twenty-eight. (c No insignia will be used or adopted for this purpose until after a design or description thereof shall have first been submitted to the Director, Motor Transport Corps, and his approval given. Approved designs will be registered in the Office of the Director to prevent duplication. In cases where organizations find it impracticable to cut their own stencils, requisitions therefor should be submitted to the Director, Motor Transport Corps. (d) The provisions of the foregoing Paragraph 513 (a) are limited to the following organizations: COMBAT DIVISION. Division headquarters. Train headquarters and Military Police. Ammunition train. Engineer train. Sanitary train. Mobile ordnance repair shop. CORPS TROOPS. Corps headquarters (including headquarters troop). Military police company. Corps artillery park (including M. O. R. S.). Sanitary train. Supply train. Troop transportation trains. Engineer regiment and engineer train. ARMY TROOPS. Army headquarters (less army artillery headquarters). Army artillery park. Military police company. Motor supply service (1 regiment headquarters and 6 companies engineers). Road service. Truck companies. Sanitary train. Truck companies, army train. Supply train. Army reserve. S. O. S. Motor truck trains. Motor truck companies. Motor car companies. In addition to the foregoing, various organizations operating in the Services of Supplies, such as groups, schools and training centers, may, upon application to the Director, Motor Transport Corps, be assigned identification insignia where circumstances warrant such action. (e) Motorcycles, rolling kitchens, trailers and vehicles belonging to combat trains of organizations will not be marked with identification insignia.
  11. YPBWUAGTBUYA maybe "You people better wise up something something something up your ***" Just a guess.
  12. I've been intrigued by the grey and red patch listed in the Trading Post for years, never seen one and still looking. Is there any evidence for it being a mis identification, it was posted by David Bruce, usually a reliable source. I agree the LLDB wouldn't have used it but the So Lien Lac did use a grey tiger on a red shield albeit a very different design. I did think that it was possible the text description next to the drawing was typo, that it relates to a So Lien Lac patch however the listing before is for just that patch and has the correct text alongside. P37671 and P38671 if anyone wants to check. Maybe a phantom but...
  13. ...and what is this, same design different colours, appeared in a 1971 issue of the Trading Post: (the image is a mock up based on a sketch and a written description)
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