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  1. This is a full-flap, military holster designed to hold the pistol at the wearer’s right side with the butt to the rear. The stud is brass, and still firmly in place. The flap is one-piece, long with a key-hole for the stud near its lower edge rather than a latch tab, a second hole has been punched by its owner to hold the flap down when the plug at the bottom was pushed out, and was used even when the plug was missing, the holster shows clearly the contours of a Colt 1851 Navy, it fits perfectly, when the gun is in the holster the barrel sticks out on the bottom about an inch. The belt l
  2. Very nice rig, nice schofield , here is a pic of my schofield and rig, second model martial marked, old nickel finish, probably renickeled after military service
  3. Hi , here is my M1881 cavalry officer helmet, it is made by : Shannon Miller & Crane, New-York The plume is a reproduction, all other parts are Original, Th shoulder board in the picture is also a reproduction, been looking for an Original pair of cavalry shoulder knots, but no luck until now
  4. My guess1820/1830 era officer eagle pommel sword
  5. No no special reason, I always had a weakness for the US military history, starting out of course in WW2 items, and changed over to the 19th century history, as most of the collectors in Belgium are in the WW1 and WW2 area, I wanted to collect something different and something I like, so grew into the Civil War and Indian war, I visited quite a lot of Civil War batllefields and musea in the states already and just love taking my holidays to visit these places. The city I live in is Ghent, this is also related to US military history as the treaty of Ghent wich ended the 1812 war was signed her
  6. Thanks, I just love US military history and material, love visiting the States as well.
  7. Hello everybody, I live in the city of Ghent in Belgium, My collection is US Civil war handguns and swords, some accoutrements US indian wars M1881 full dress helmets, M1872 shoulder knots, accoutrements, swords I am looking forward to learn from the forum,members
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