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  1. Johnny, your work is amazing. I may have you do up a specific patch or two for me, probably the 13th Bomb Squadron, the Devil's Own Grim Reapers, as that was my grandfather's unit. But I'm looking to make displays that include close to 100 different patches and I don't have the budget to have you make all of them for me, unfortunately. But I do want at least one or two, so I'll definitely be in touch.
  2. These images are definitely from an A-26 Invader, called the B-26 in Korea. They were known for low-level night interdiction missions and took a hell of a lot of flak damage. The zero-point rocket launchers under the wing, as well as the light, wing dihedral and overall shape are a dead giveaway.
  3. No Invader units wore Kepi hats as part of their uniform, ever. This hat must be a personal item. The letters on the top are most likely his initials.
  4. This plane is, as Hawk914 points out, 43-22343. She was the 92nd plane built at the Douglas Tulsa, OK plant and was an A-26B-15-DT model. She served with the 386th Bomb Group in England during WWII, then was re-allocated to Japan after the war and attached the 13th Bomb Squadron. She was called "The Point" by the squadron due to the emblem on her tail. She had her hard-nose swapped for a glass one, and her older flat-top canopy swapped for a clamshell type. She was eventually stripped of all weapons and used primarily as a transport plane for the unit, carrying supplies and personnel back an
  5. I also have a copy of Invader signed by Lucien Thomas. It's a great read!
  6. These are not Korean War era patches. The Korean War era patches for the 13th BS don't have the little ribbon flaps in the middle. These patches are from 1956, when the unit switched over the B-57 Canberra. The Korean War patches were simply an oval Oscar with a red border. My grandfather served in this unit during Korea, I've got lots of pictures of these people and planes.
  7. Nice collection! Here's some more history for you. At the time of his death, Thomas L. Madison was a Tech Sergeant. His service number was 39565418. The rest of his crew was pilot 1st Lt. Frank J. Kay (0-696466), Navigator 1st Lt. William F. Bower, Jr (0-712070), and Bombardier 1st Lt. Frank S. Perkins (0-664810). This was unusual because Invaders don't usually fly with a 4-man crew. The plane they flew was an A-26C, glass-nosed version, serial number: 43-22642, which was an A-26C-25-DT model, built at the Douglas Factory in Tulsa, OK. I don't have a photo of their plane at this time. M
  8. There's no meaning behind the yellow scythe, as far as I know. It's been brown or yellow in most versions to help it stand out against the white bones. This poster, drawn by the 13th Bomb Squadron Historical Association president, Don Henderson, shows the lineage of the USAF Oscar patches from WW1 to present. https://www.deviantart.com/yankeedog/art/History-of-Oscar-61874021
  9. As the 13th was an Invader unit, and one that my grandfather flew with, I've learned a lot about the unit over the years. This patch is not an official US Military patch. Oscar has never been on a white background in an official patch or emblem. Even during Vietnam, the official 13BS patches featured Oscar on a Blue background.
  10. This patch is circa 1947 and would have been worn during the occupation of Japan.
  11. That image is from Don Henderson on Deviant Art. He is the current head of the 13th Bomb Squadron Historical Association and editor if the 13th BS's newsletter, "Invader". He's a good guy, but a bit slow on the emails as he is an illustrator by profession and it pretty busy with work. That said, you can bet that the information on his images is as accurate as they come.
  12. Did you ever learn the name of this General? Can you share the link to the Obit you found? Since he was an Invader pilot I'd like to make sure I include a page on him in my Invader museum website.
  13. Hey Edelweisse, what is your Uncle's name? I'd like to include a page on him on my Invader museum website.
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