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  1. Army version sold on ebay a while back. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MILLS-170-Horizontal-pistol-belt-1913-MINT-EAGLE-SNAP-/233660255089?hash=item36673c8b71%3Ag%3ABgUAAOSwBdBfHCVT&nma=true&si=iWpcc8nO6OeJzo6aFtVXPhM3Puk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  2. Beautiful! That's only the third one I've seen. It's an amazing feeling when you finally get all the parts. Congrats, that is a nice set. Tim
  3. I purchased one of these Garands when they were imported. I believe in 1989 or 90. Picked it up at a Woolworths Store. Don't hate me but I got it for $139.00. Tim
  4. Hello Ronnie, Yes, Boyt had a 1950 contract. I think these were the first to be manufactured in black. Tim
  5. Late WW2, M1944 suspenders used with the M1944/45 field packs. Modified with extra padding after WW2 I believe. Tim
  6. Very nice Pep, I was watching that one too! I picked up the Mills canteen carrier, first aid pouch and a 1912 dated pick carrier. The canteen carrier has the sleeve for the roller but the pick carrier doesn't. Tim
  7. Here you go. The DSA number is a little worn but the 10 67 date is clear. The manufacturer seems to be Season-al and I have another marked ALTRO. FSN 8340-261-9749. Tim
  8. I found this odd canteen cover in woodland with the Safariland markings. Never seen another like it. All the others I've seen with the Safariland tags have had the plastic clip cover. Tim
  9. I thought I had remembered the M1936 bag from my dad's pictures. This is his "junk on the bunk" picture from Korea in 1954. He was Air Force so that explains some of it but it wasn't the M36. The pack is the M1944 Cargo pack (unmodified) and the suspenders are the improved M1936 late was issue. He was armed with an M1 Carbine and by the looks of it a "stock" pouch. Tim
  10. I picked up the Saudi canteen cover and ALICE pack. They are U.S. made with a DSA contract of 1976. I wouldn't think these were used by U.S. troops in the kingdom but you never know. Tim
  11. Very interesting post. I don't recall hearing his name or the companies name in regards to the development of the LINCOE pack. You should contact sgtmonroe. He is the resident expert on the LINCLOE trials. Tim
  12. I think this pack is part of a survival kit. The rifle serial number would be for the M6? Rifle in the kit. Tim
  13. I know this is out of the date range for this post but I couldn't resist. I've seen original WW1 photos of gear inspections where you can make out the "Pro-phy-lac-tic" brand name on the tooth brush handle. I found this one years ago in it's original 1915 dated box. Tim
  14. "I dont really collect canteens".......yeah, me neither Ronnie.
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