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  1. Hello All, Found thes among some miscellany. The captain and major insignia are smaller than other Navy/Marines that I have in my collection. Curious as to the era- I assume pre WWI? All opionions welcome. Thanks, Eric
  2. Here is a close up of the portion that looks familiar.
  3. TC, Thank you for providing some color to these wings. I like to create placards for the items in my collections and this will give me some starting bullet points. The details on the feathers and the wing construct of the 2nd wing looks familiar and similar to some pilot/air crew wings. I'm going to post a closer shot here shortly, in case the design can be tied to a known manufacturer. Regards, Eric
  4. Hello All, These pair of wings came from a local estate - unfortunately, the name of the veteran seems lost to history, though I am working on it. Curious to know the likely makers. All comments are appreciated. Thank you, Eric
  5. Hello All, Found these recently in a collection. Curious to know a guess on the era. Let me know if any more detailed photos are needed. The chin cup has evidence of use and some verdigris in a couple of the holes. Thank you. Regards, Eric
  6. Thank you, Kurt, Bob and Gil. Certainly not what I thought it was! Thank you for the education. Eric
  7. Hello Kurt and 268th, Your suggestions sent me looking for Google images and I came across some Vanguard Industries hallmarks which look like similar. I do think the design of the oak leaf, with it's diamond dots are early - similar to WWI collar disks. Here is a better shot of the maker mark.
  8. Hello All, I don't have many SSIs in my collection and took a chance on this one. I have seen some posts that question this one and am wondering opinions. If there are photos of it in wear that would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hello All, Has anyone seen anything like this? I found it among an old display and it looks like it has been together for a long time. It caught my interest because I like Chaplain pieces. Curious if there is any particular significance to it. Thanks, Eric
  10. Hello All, I liked the pattern on this oak leaf as it reminded me of WWI Collar Disks. I am curious of the era, and if someone recognizes the partial hallmark/maker mark. Thanks, Eric
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