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  1. Thanks!! Definitely one of my new favorites.
  2. Glad you like it! Was your grandmother ANC or civilian? I’ll try and get some pics of the OD cape. I didn’t get her nursing school cape but happy with what I got from the group!
  3. Picked up this Uniform group recently. It belonged Lt. Louise Gaida of the 310th General Hospital which seemed to be a part of XXIV Corps. The 310th was based out of Seoul, Korea. She was also from the city I grew up in as well. Not a ton of ANC related items in her album but a lot of cards, she was a popular gal! Not pictured was her OD cape and service cap. I work as an RN so nurse stuff is always up my alley!
  4. Holy crap! That’s a great one, where did you get that? I finally snagged a 466th QM BN ike which had been on my wishlist.
  5. Great RBE Ike’s Doyler. I have a RBE ike that has a shirt with similar RBE pocket patch placement.
  6. Lol guess I had some competition. Thanks guys!
  7. Recently snagged this off eBay. Named to Chicago vet Joseph Dvorak. I always try and get Red Ball Express uniforms when I can and am always looking for more.
  8. Hi all, Picked this up as a BIN on eBay. Named to a Frank G-y-u-r-e-s-k-o and found him with “A” Battery 319th GFAB. With 4 campaign stars I’m going to guess he made Normandy? Hope you all enjoy!
  9. Here’s my only Vietnam Era uniform in the collection. Nice set of class A’s to a member of the 176th Aviation Co assigned to the 23rd ID and his South Korean Marine Corps camo shirt.
  10. Found out the Kanji stands for school. It’s not a trainer though, wonder if it was at a like a replacement center/school?
  11. Got this uniform in recently. Belonged to a MSgt. Lester Smith. DI’s are to the 6th Air Base Squadron, and the CBI patch is a removable snap version.
  12. Thanks!! Yes the belt was a nice touch. The uniform also just had the one set of corporal chevrons on it as well. Interesting wartime measure done at times.
  13. Got this about 9 years ago from my HVAC guy. He said his dad was in the Merchant Marines in WWII and brought it home. Sadly his aunt threw out the rest of his dads stuff. Just a nice honest vet bring back with intact mum. Anyhow hope you guys like!
  14. He was with 1st Separate Engineer Bn, which supported III MAC. III MAC did occupation duty in China.
  15. This was on a uniform I picked up at SOS this year. I can’t exactly pin down the construction, it’s almost like a heavier weave that is been BeVo’d onto a silk backing? Not like any of the other Chinese made silk examples I have in my collection. Hope you all enjoy!
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