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    Always looking for WWII 104th Infantry Division items.

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  1. Interesting, I’ll have to check if my guy did occupation duty or not. He was discharged in early 46. Would be interested in seeing your grouping as well!
  2. Picked up this suitcase group to a Chicago guy. This Marine served with MAG 31, as part of their service group. MOS was a water supply man, and has a interesting certificate from the USMC plumbing and water purification course. The civilian suitcase has some cool vintage USMC decals as well. MAG 31 saw combat on Okinawa.
  3. I wonder if an easier explanation would be he served in Alaska prior to joining the 101st? I know they pulled guys for glider duty at times.
  4. This was a cool uniform for sure.
  5. Hello Timberwolf!

    New user here, but based on your patch I think you and I can be friends. My grandfather was 415th, 104th ID and I have a few souvenirs and a scrapbook with never shared photos that include names, dates, and locations. Photos include: POWs, Russian soldiers, downed Komet aircraft, and training at Camp Carson. Feel free to message me anytime. 


  6. The one that got away. Will never tire of seeing this group.
  7. Thanks! Been a while since I've looked at this thread, do you have any of your grandfather's items? Would definitely be interested in seeing them!
  8. Awesome grouping! I work as a nurse so I always enjoy seeing these items!
  9. Thanks guys! Interesting to see all the variations of this patch.
  10. Thanks guys! Yes I havent had a surprise like this in a good while.
  11. Hi all, This was on an ike jacket I recently acquired. Hope the patch folks enjoy!
  12. Hi all, This group kinda happened to me with some really dumb luck. Seller on ebay was parting with his AF blues, this gentleman served with 446th Airlift wing with the 97th Squadron in during Vietnam as a loadmaster on C141's. He was unsure of what his father did other than he was an engineer in WWII. I purchased his father's ike only seeing the 8th Army patch as that was the only shoulder pictured and didn't think to ask if there was another SSI on the other shoulder. Needless to say I was beyond surprised when I opened the box and saw that 1629th Eng. patch on the shoulder! Hope you all enjoy! Glad to be the caretaker of this new group.
  13. Thanks guys! Felt like what I was able to get was able to keep his story together.
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