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  1. Thanks Eric!! I should have posted earlier I was able to get this translated, more than likely a work place flag as it had 57 separate people sign it, and the had “denki” for electric works but nothing specific as to city, shrine, school etc.
  2. Thanks Pete! Getting the flag brought this group from good, to top notch. First ribbon is the Burma Star, a British Award but unofficially used by US forces quite often. It’s interesting some flags are on there but others are pulled, really a shame but worked out for me in the long run.
  3. Thanks Kurt! Definitely all you could ask for from a bring back flag. Here’s the whole group:
  4. Thanks all for the comments! To answer the question in a nutshell about it getting pulled, ebay wants people to donate flags back to japan...
  5. I am actually having it done, so I can’t wait for it to come in.
  6. Hi all, Just got this flag in as a part of a grouping to a member of the “D”Company 13th Mountain Medical Battalion. He was detached to Merrill’s Marauders and Chinese combat troops on several occasions, and in theater their unit was actually issued firearms. Anyhow I’ll let this flag speak for itself.... The vets son had the flag listed on eBay but eBay pulled the auction. When I saw the photo of him in his memoirs with his flag I new I had to get it.
  7. Great set! I work as an RN so I always enjoy seeing this!
  8. What an incredible rare and poignant heart. Never knew about this, thanks for sharing for all to see!
  9. Service coat of PFC Calegero “Charles” P. Sgro of the 11th Marines, later 3rd 155mm Howitzer Bn. A native of Parma, Ohio, he served in the 11th Marines on Cape Gloucester, and then with the 3rd 155mm Howitzer Bn. from Peleliu onward. Charles passed away in 2013. Always been a fan of III MAC uniforms, and the qualification bars are killer on this one.
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