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  1. Hi all!, Acquired this group recently, vet was with 104th ID 414th IR H Company. These are the highlights but he kept a ton of Howl’s and paperwork. The VIS35 has a piece of paper with a 104th ID SSI cut out of stationary for the sweetheart grip. The shoulder holster is also unique, not sure if it was something custom made post VE Day or something that could be made during the war for a German soldier. The Dryese pocket vest pistol is also an neat little piece. All in all a group I was more than happy to add to my 104th ID collection! Hope you all enjoy and have a great L
  2. Man that is cool! Did your he save any 321st items?
  3. Hi All, Picked this up a while ago from the grandson of the veteran. He was nice enough to include a photo of his grandfather. Cpl. Hines served as a member of VMTB 134 and more than likely served later in the war and into occupation duty where his SSI was made. Sadly with the archives being closed I don't have his exact info on what he did during his time in the service but hopefully by the end of the year its open again!
  4. I saw! I remember when you snagged that one!
  5. Hi all, Picked this up a few months ago. This belonged to a T/4 Fred Sebastinelli. Missed out on his theater made knife but was happy with what I got. He wasn’t captured during the Bulge but served in HQ with division post office. I can only imagine the chaos he witnessed during that time.
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