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  1. A really interesting bring-back...congratulations!
  2. A really nice acquisition...congratulations! Mike
  3. A really nice group...congratulations! Mike
  4. A really interesting bring-back!
  5. A really great and historic group...thank you for sharing it! Michael
  6. Joe, Some really nice medals! Thanks for sharing them! Mike
  7. I saw you wrote to devildog34 in 2019. I am trying to contact him regarding his 2012 posts re" dress blues. These belonged to my father-in-law Lloyd B. Finley SR. would love to talk to him on how he got them and if he is willing to return them?

    I have written but no reply. Any information on how to contact anyone who would know would be appreciated. I can be reached at lvwidger@gmail.com

    Thank you,

    Virginia Widger (Finley)

  8. Very nice helmet and even better to have an ID on who wore it! Mike
  9. Here are two interesting WW2 Homefront production pins that I've had for a while: Packard War Worker and Packard War Worker Merit Award. Both have screw post fasteners.
  10. Here are two interesting UAW CIO "Soldiers of Production" lapel pins. The enameled one is from 1943 is is not manufacturer marked. The winged pin was made by the Greenduck Co.
  11. Really interesting...thank you for posting!
  12. Really interesting flag with great provenance! Mike
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