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  1. Hi there I have a Conetta - M7 which also has a troop mark on the blade. C 1/92 FA = C-Battery, 1ST Battalion, 92ND Field Artillery So are probably not isolated cases. Is there a certain period in which this was done?
  2. Hello, I have a helmet cover with USMC stamp here. Are they so original? Thank you
  3. Hello, I have an M4 bayonet from Camillus in VP.Co. (VP 1) got scabbard from the 1953 contract. The leather handle is light and rough. You can quite well recognize the processing traces. Besides, I've had another 1953 M4 from Camillus for some time. This is also in a VP.Co. Scabbard (VP 1) and has a lightly worn state. Here, the handles are much darker and smoother, better processed. Is that due to the use or are there manufacturing varinates? Has the dark color come on later or impregnation? Also above the Lantchplate has black color. Regards
  4. Hello, here is my last find. A Johnson M1941 without numerical stamp or other markings.
  5. Hello, I received such an M7 from FZR years ago in the German market. I do not remember the price.
  6. Hello, I have a scabbard here with a black tassel. This was probably braided from black shoelaces and fixed with olive-colored yarn. Does anyone know if and what a meaning this has or is it just handicraft. Grüße
  7. Early PWH scrabbards are a little bit darker...
  8. Hello, we must not mess things up. The question of DeltaRecon226 related to his piece. I assume here that it is a piece that was produced between 1964 and 1967. MILPAR never had a proper 90 ° backcut on the M7. They were always a bit rounded. In addition, this production is easily recognized by the "chevron" mark on top of the latch plate. In addition, the blade between 1964 and 67 was cold-pressed and had its special features. @ DeltaRecon226: has the Milpar M7 there such a mark? Approximately In 1976/77 there was another series of M7 MILPAR with a long curved backcut. It is ass
  9. Hello, yes. MILPAR M7 were in use since 1964/65.
  10. Hello, I like very worn pieces that tell a story. Here I have an Ontario M9 with the "old" handle and the M-9 mark. Made in 2000. The M9 is in good condition but has been used and modified. Over the Fastener a Sück bicycle hose was pushed. On the tube you can still "many" - I think for Germany - read. Since I got this M9 here, I think it was modified in a US facility in Germany. An additional black codura loop has been added to the back. Were or are such modifications made indifidellally or via the armory?
  11. Hello, originally, the latch plate of the 1953 production of Camillus was also sealed with black paint.
  12. Hello I can not tell you that, but maybe Imperial Knife. It is only apparent that Imperial uses the same handles in the pieces in the contracts 1973-76 and 1980-85. Next to the part number always the casting number in a circle (with F) and then the IK in a square. I have never seen these handles with another manufacturer. I have quite a lot of M7 examined by all manufacturers and also in my collection. You can identify specific handles for each manufacturer. For some, however, there are overlaps such as GenCut and Ontario. BOC, Conetta and ZFR that have used the same in some area
  13. The grips came from IMPERIAL produktion since 1973.
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