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  1. I recently purchased a group of photos that were found at an estate sale. They were found in a suit case, inside a box truck where they have been siting for at least 15 years. There's over 60 Vietnam photos and some family photos as well. Usually photos from this era have a date on the border, but the borders on these have been cut (probably so they could fit in the album). My concern is that they have no markings on the back. Other than that I really didn't have any concerns. Any opinions on if these are reprints or originals would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys. This is my first Iwo Jima dog tag. 😁 This is from the Marine's obituary:
  3. I recently purchased this WW2 Marine dog tag and wanted to get other opinions on the authenticity of this dog tag. My only concern is the use of USMC rather than USMCR. Most WW2 dog tags that I see are stamped with USMCR. I also added some of his service history. I believe this soldier served on Iwo Jima. Any opinions on the authenticity of this dog tag are welcomed.
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. I think I will sell them as reproductions, that way someone can get some use out of them. They appear to have never been worn.
  5. Wow, I think your right. Didn't even notice 😁. I guess I'll just have to watch it again.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I figured they were most likely reproductions.
  7. Here are some tiger stripe uniform items that came out of an attic. Each piece is a little different. Do any of these pieces look like Vietnam war era? There is a boonie, a cap, two pairs of jackets and two pairs of pants. Any opinions on the age of these pieces would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if any additional photos would be beneficial to determining the age. An in country made 75th Infantry, Company N patch was also found with the grouping, but I didn't purchase it. I could find no markings on any of the uniform items.
  8. Today I would like to honor this American Hero's sacrifices for our country and the people of South Vietnam. Dennis Herron was killed in action by small arms fire on May 31st, 1968 in Binh Duong Province. Denny received the Bronze Star for Bravery and two Purple Hearts. While serving in Vietnam, Denny wrote letters every couple weeks to his First Cousin, Gail. These letters were acquired directly from the family. The letters document his service and describe the hardships a Combat Infantryman went through while serving in Vietnam. There are also newspapers clippings, including one with a power
  9. Thanks for posting the pictures of your HBTs. I especially like the camouflaged one. I've never seen one like that before. Hopefully I'll be able to get some named ones in the future. Being a college student, I'm on a pretty low budget, so it takes me a while to find the good stuff.
  10. I'd definitely be interested in seeing some more photos of the HBTs in your collection. That Iwo Jima HBT is an amazing piece of history. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Unfortunately, there's no name or laundry number I can make out. I think it all faded off. I do hope to get an identified one at some point, as most of the items in my collection have a name on them.
  12. I recently purchased my first USMC herringbone shirt. I believe it is a P41. It shows very heavy use with redish brown stains on the bottom half of the shirt as well as the cuffs. The shirt shows fraying and holes in multiple areas as well. The shirt is also very faded and the EGA has completely faded away. While most collectors prefer to have items in better condition, I usually prefer items with a salty, been there done that look. This is probably the most used HBT I've seen, so I'm happy to add it to my Pacific Theater collection. Any comments are welcomed.
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