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  1. didn't Patton's have a "Plexiglas" windshield for the passengers?
  2. The M8A1 was a "one off" prototype..... It used the "same" gun as the Sherman. If you use the M8 Turret...... one needs to remove the MG ring mount, and change the gun breach to that of the 75mm M3 gun used in the Sherman. http://i1060.photobucket.com/albums/t455/lnerj72a/PSC%20M5A1/M8A1%20HMC/DSC00292_zpsd6d2d744.jpg http://i1060.photobucket.com/albums/t455/lnerj72a/PSC%20M5A1/M8A1%20HMC/DSC00293_zpsf5af9954.jpg http://i1060.photobucket.com/albums/t455/lnerj72a/PSC%20M5A1/M8A1%20HMC/DSC00291_zpsae1e8797.jpg the Actual reason the Porject ended was becuase the M18 was a
  3. This is either an M60A1 or an M60A3. Hope this helps. Ken
  4. HI Guys, I am no longer in the Fort Lewis area......... I am at the Aberdeen Provings Grounds!!! So! If there are any Tanks that you would like to see from here......... Just let me know. Ken
  5. I'd like to pic's of that..... an M48 with the copula from an M60A2. Any out there?
  6. I don't recall seeing anything like that in any of my references on the M60 (Patton). They all had inclose M85 .50 cal MG(s) in the copula. It might be off an M551 Sheridan? Or,It does kinda looks like the one on the M114 APC from that era. But it is only a vague resemblance.
  7. here's an odd one from Ft. Lewis Wa. I say odd because of the strange copula that rests on top of it. When i first drove by it during an FTX, the strange copula caught my eye. So I came back later and took pic's. Any ideas as to the type of copula? Ken
  8. Yes, there is "at least" one at the APG(s). In fact I'll be moving to that area in a couple of months, So I will take plenty of pic's and post them Here. Hope this helps.
  9. I'm "no expert" but a thing to remember/keep in mind....... if it's stamped on the "scabbard" then it's talking about "the scabbard". an excellent example is the M7 bayonets being sold on Ebay right now........ (search under M7 bayonet) The Scabbards are M8A1, the Bayonets are M7. I hope this helps Ken
  10. Thank You so much for helping me out. I got this from a friend of mine about 10 years ago, he sold it to me for $25. Whenever I go to the field I take this one instead of that worthless M9. I find it especially usefull when I have to chip ice out of the throat of my canteen. When I was in a medivac compnay, they looked at me strangely, saying as a medic, I don't need a bayonet. I told them it's not a bayonet.......it's a scalpel. Too bad there are people out there ripping people off on Ebay for these. As the old saying goes.....Let the buyer beware. Thanks Again
  11. Hi all I'm New here and have a question. I have a question about a bayonet I own. I'm pretty sure that my Bayonet is an M7 US Bayonet, I say pretty sure because it fits on my M16, the handle is the same, but there are no maker's marks, and it is a full 1 1/2 in. longer than the standard. Whereas the standard bayonet takes the M8A1 scabbard...... Mine is in a longer one with the only makings being T65, and it does not have the protective metal tip. I will try to post pic's of it here. Can you help me out?
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