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  1. A friend of mine got these for me recently. There was some discussion about these on the board earlier. Thought some of you might be interested in them.
  2. I've had this for years. I have never seen anything like it. How old is it? Who would have worn it?
  3. E Company 51st Infantry, V Corps LRSC This was out PT sweatshirt during the mid 90's. I don't know why it posted sideways.
  4. There are no 11 series assigned to SF groups, not even in support roles. All of them have some type of support MOS, from cooks to mechanics and everything in between
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Ya'll confirmed what I felt about most of these. I knew the 507th wasn't legit as I have a real 507th to compare it to. I had never seen one that small.
  6. Would that be the middle and right one? I am still trying to learn.
  7. Found these in an antique shop. Front
  8. 507th back. it is attached to some type of material. I pulled it back where is wasn't attached to get the best pic I could.
  9. 507th pocket patch. This is smaller than the the original that I have to compare it to. I have never seen one like this.
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