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  1. I recently acquired a WWI Mills belt for $20. Its in great shape, EXCEPT its missing the male buckle. I've had zero luck finding a suitable replacement. It doesn't even have to be Mills or WWI, I'd take a Garand buckle as well. I just can't seem to find ONLY the male buckle without a belt attached to it. Any sites sell things like that?
  2. Thanks everyone! I teach college students, and yes, they are typically VERY interested. I currently have WWII field gear plus ration stamps and the like, and dress up in a Vietnam impression, as well as American Revolution and Civil War outfits. I also build a trench periscope and a gas rattle to show them too. It feels good to be here...
  3. For my college-level US history classes, I often bring in original items from various periods, and have several WWI era field gear items. I knew that the original gas masks are typically expensive, and the ones that are cheap are usually in BAD shape. So I set about to make my own. It can still give the general idea of an American-worn SBR without the cost, or the fear of damaging an original mask. The mask part itself is stitched from heavy canvas, and I found some steampunk goggles for the lenses. The bag I made myself as well, although I still need to add the leather tab on the left si
  4. Got this from my Grandma's house years ago but can't find any reference to what time period this might be from.
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