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  1. Looks like a period net but there are copies of this pattern being made.
  2. Wear in the inner shell does not match outside of liner, wear of inner liner does not match outer shell. Plus that is not the type of liner one would expect to see in an early Raider M1.
  3. What raises my eyebrow is the inside. I've found sandbags inside ammo cans, haversacks and for sale with dealers, all presented a really dusty condition due to natural decomposition of the fibers.
  4. No way that burlap survives 75 years intact. Actually a very easy type of field made camo to reproduce. The new sites with those flashy photos are pushing a lot of fakes both German and US.
  5. This is one of the occasions in which the investment in books pays off.
  6. Another jobless faker in need of a buck.
  7. Looks like a bullet hole. The exit holes are usually bigger if someone was wearing the helmet at the time of the impact.
  8. As far as the originals I've seen from WW2, all had different colors on the opposing sides.
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