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  1. Found something about the weird screw back CIB (bottom of the picture) Here is an Italian insignia using the same device! What's your opinion about the Italian origin of the CIB?
  2. Hello, here are three "odd" CIBs The first one is pin back and sterling marked, British Made I think I don't know about the second... it's a clutch back and also sterling marked. According to the reverse it seems molded and the pins are of the longer type. Also foreign made? The third is a screw back, stamp from a thin metal sheet. Could it be Italian? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, I picked up from the field a SA M1 Rifle, #808367. bore is dated 4-42 but there is a second marking "PRS-3-44" added... what does this marking mean?
  4. hello, could be the first type of M-1926, made of brass and nickel alloy? does a magnet "sticks" on it? no maker mark at all, even faint?
  5. thanks! A picture of your white bag would be great Robinb! The numbered lines are intended for some precise folding, I will try to fold a blanket and then adjust it on a pack or haversack
  6. Hello, does anyone know what is this kind of waterproof bag? Could it be used to protect de blanket roll? Could it be WWII? The material is similar to the M45 and M44 inner linings. Its size is 102,5cm X 44cm Thanks!
  7. :crying: that's a shame! Is there a good book in which patch "technique" is explained, I mean the technical features that help to tell when the patch was made, that tells about German, British, French, etc made patches? thanks!
  8. that's great news! thanks a lot Fred
  9. Thanks a lot! so, it could be early WWII? there is no size... this is quite odd... what's your opinion?
  10. Hello, if this "big eyelets" pair of boots WWII? marking is very faint
  11. :thumbsup: outstanding find! congratulations!
  12. Hi Bob! a lot of new interesting pieces since I visited you... remind me to come again! @+ p.s.: great avatar! :w00t:
  13. The stitching yarn of the nylon edging is cotton on my carbine pouches and musette bag.
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