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  1. The Green/Maroon bordered oval was authorized for wear by the 10th SF in September 1952. It was worn until 1970 when it was replaced by the Green/Scarlet Border.
  2. The oval is post world war 2. It is for the 101st Abn Div Support Command.
  3. I should have posted my reply with a little more detail. It was SOP with the 511th AIR of the 11th Abn Div that the embroidered oval would not be worn on the Class A Uniform.
  4. In the 50's all members of the 11th Abn Div wore the embroidered jump wings of this type on their Fatigue Uniforms, so it may have been rare in other units but not so with the 11th. They were not allowed to wear this type oval on the Class A Uniform.
  5. Yes some 501st soldiers did wear the oval on Class A's with metal jump wings.
  6. Here is a 501st oval from WW2 occupation period.
  7. The 77th did wear jump wings and ovals on their Berets. Most Berets I have seen being worn by the 77th from the 50's era were Canadian made. I have no idea what you would have to pay for a Beret from that era.
  8. The 10th Group never wore the jump wing oval pictured on the Ike Jacket. It would have to be from the 77th or 1st SF, more than likely the 77th.
  9. The Teal Tab was issued with the SF Patch in 1955. When I left the 10th Group 1n 1958 it was still being worn. Replacements coming in to 10th Group from the 77th during this time frame were also wearing the Teal Tab.
  10. I don't know if the OSS used this particular weapon or not, but a good friend who at this time was the NCOIC of House 240 and a former SF Weapons man told me that some of the 22's were of WW2 vintage. I have no reason to doubt him as when it came to fire arms both US and Foreign he was as good as I had ever seen.
  11. In 1965 & 1966 SOG's House 240 had a pretty good supply of the suppressed Hi Standard, and as mentioned some were carry overs from WW2.
  12. This was the 1st design of the SF Crest. Around 1962 it was changed to the design that is still in use today.
  13. The Bancroft Berets I have seen and owned did not have the Vents.
  14. Why the need for cotton or polyester thread? I still have some old Khaki shirts that had the chevrons, SSI etc sewn on with nylon thread from the 50's and 60's. Some were sewn in shops and others by parachute riggers. I will admit that you were limited to colored thread with the riggers, usually White or OD.
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