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  1. It looks like 1962. I can post better pictures once I receive the helmet. Thanks Larry.
  2. Hi, I am looking for any and all information concerning this helmet. I believe that it is from the 60's but can't find a football style tank helmet produced by the government. I would like an idea of it's value as well. I am planning on keeping this helmet. Thanks
  3. Also, Can anyone provide a picture of what the soft armor looks like?
  4. Any idea what these are going for? I am looking at one of these except it is a size "regular" As with this one, only soft armor Thanks!
  5. Picked these up at a yard sale recently. I may be selling them as a lot because DUI's are not my area of interest. If any DUI guys see anything of interest please reply so we all can learn a thing or two. Enjoy.
  6. My Goodwill's never have anything. I use to hit a few "for profit" thrift stores and they were awesome!. I had several trips where I would visit the uniform rack and have to get a shopping cart to haul everything out. Mostly patched BDU's, DCU's & modified tops as-well. And the prices were great. Those days are long gone. That was only 2 years ago. They have gotten on the no patched uniform bandwagon. It is hard to tell what they are sending to the rag mill, but based on my past finds, it has to be good stuff.
  7. I picked these up in a group of modern uniforms and gear. I have no idea what gun they are for or their value. I am looking to sell them so any help would be appreciated.
  8. Here are a few pictures of the mount as requested. No markings found.
  9. Thanks. I'll post a few more when I get a chance.
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