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  1. Only 2, you need to step up your game!!!
  2. When Militariaone posted the pictures for me I forgot to add that the two knives were theatre made period knives and not Original Stones.
  3. Ditto on the excellent post, if I was able to post pictures I could add to this thread.
  4. Saw Greg at WW2 weekend at Deerfield, NH. He had great stuff there for purchase and good conversation was had( conned him into buying me lunch) LOL. He got me back as I brought his book.The WW2 show was extremely interesting. Demonstrations were excellent.
  5. Nice knives. I have a bunch unusual ones also.
  6. I would love having more information on your Grandfather!!!!
  7. I agree handle does not look right. The rest looks ok to me. The Au Lions always give me a hard time.
  8. I have a case of the books, Send me a PM and I will hook you up.
  9. I know Joe personally and as well as being a customer of his. He is one of the most honest men I have ever met. A true gentleman in all respects. I would not hesitate to do business with him on anything that he sells that I have interest in. Tony-in-NH
  10. Run away a fast as you can.
  11. Really, Really NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Book title is US and Allied Military Knives M'3's and M4's. He has 1000 book coming.
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