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  1. This issue of LIFE MAGAZINE would look good on display with your M1917A1 helmet from Hawaii
  2. if it's been in Hawaii since WW2, it probably was there during the attacks on PEARL HARBOR , it's well preserved. I would put together a PEARL HARBOR display with LIFE MAGAZINE and this helmet
  3. the web chin straps look reproduction too
  4. WW2 German reenactor resembles actor Leonard Nimoy
  5. 👍 somebody could have tried to wipe the helmet making the white paint look cleaner than it should? 40 years ago people were not that concerned about the patina, maybe they did a light cleaning disturbing the old white paint. it looks pretty good to me
  6. If your ever in San Francisco, they have a USS SAN FRANCISCO MEMORIAL at LANDS END , it would make an interesting place for a photo shoot with your helmet , it's possible the helmet was used during the battle in late 1942? The memorial is made from the bridge wings of the heavy cruiser USS San Francisco. The damaged areas were removed in late 1942/early 1943 while repairing battle damage received during combat around Guadalcanal in November 1942. It is amazing to see these pieces of the ship standing on a bluff overlooking the Pacific. USS San Francisco was decommissioned in 1947
  7. looks like one of the helmets in use in the Philippines, during the BATAAN DEATH MARCH , if the helmet could talk? imagine all the battles it has been through? you will never know, but it will still look nice in a early WW2 in the Pacific display.
  8. BILL THE PATCH I like your repro, thats good enough for me , with some age / dust it will make a nice shelf display , they originally would have looked fresh back then, maybe add a large cargo type net with some foilage
  9. it could be a extra helmet that was painted but never saw action, a few stayed behind and never got used, except for the trip home in the soldier's duffle bag
  10. here's a Marine with a para liner and standard ground troops chin straps on his steel helmet.
  11. yes, soldiers were still wearing Vietnam era OG jungle uniforms & boonie hats back in the 1980's , the Rangers had them.
  12. I liked the river boat scenes , this is the first VN war movie with the Brown Water Navy, also had an excellent soundtrack. whats that? ARC LIGHT B52 air strike
  13. BOLO

    Walther P-38

    it would be nice if he was holding the captured P-38 in the photo , it's still a great photo as is
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