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  1. The helmet shell came without any equipment on it. It felt the same weight as my original, proven real one. There appears to be no difference in actual thickness, the thing passes the coin test, and all of the equipment on it is donored from my old, valueless helmet. What else should I look for on the shell?
  2. Hello everyone. I have a HGU-56/P shell that is brand new. I noticed that it is a much lighter, more foliage color than the dark green on military helmets. Is it possible that the helmet is military or is it a civilian shell? Just for the sake of story telling, I purchased the shell to hold the confirmed military HGU-56/P headset set donor from a military shell that was spray painted (and peeling) to hide the fact that it was decommissioned from use due to a soft spot with a purple mark around it. I learned to never trust helmets off of eBay. I got burned $400 on what I thought was an orig
  3. Anything Vietnam down, from all of the previous wars and eras, including the revolutionary war. Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll be looking into them today.
  4. Hello Everyone. I'm interested in doing reading on anything pertaining to medicine and surgery in the military. Trauma treatments and guides on in-field surgery would be amazing, if they exist. Anything from the Vietnam era down is what I'm looking for. Anyone here have any recommendations for me? Anything that would be worth buying? Thank you!
  5. Did what you said to, and there it was right in the circled spot. As I was stripping the shell down past the primer, I didn't spot any cracks or oddities in the spot though. Is there a way to visually spot the defect? The painting on it was very professionally done, and even odder it had lots of wear and tear like it had been used for a good while. The only giveaway it wasn't the original is one spot where it was kind of blotchy, like an airbrush mess up. The paint was an almost exact match to the original, which makes me wonder if someone just painted over it and used it anyways. It's
  6. That actually seems right because there was a circle right around a crack. Thank you!
  7. I was looking at the paint on my helmet when I realized it wasn't original to the helmet. I started to do some careful stripping (mind you my intention for this helmet is to become a custom painted one for a project) and found what appears to be "O-cmcked", with the dash being something I can't read. The writing was in a pinkish color. I'm not too sure if it means something. There appears to be a dent on the helmet, or at least an uneven patch of paint that looked cracked. For those of you who think I'm helmet killing, don't worry. I'm going to be purchasing more flight helmets when I get
  8. Yeah, it was target practice. I found another 9MM bullet in it, different type of round, and I've seen both used by the US. The only thing weird is the blood, but who knows, the blood isn't enough to match the massive damage this thing took. One of the fragments looks like a classic example of a grenade fragment, and the other two are semi circular.
  9. The bronze and black material don't look a lot like they were bullets, which makes me think it could've been at least an explosive test. Any ideas for the blood, though? because honestly I doubt the guy who used this was injured in it (and if for some reason he was, that guy is the terminator because all the vests I've found online on this condition are blood soaked), but the blood is on both the outside and inside, and where it is somewhat matches up with the damage. If it wasn't used in combat, how does it also affect value? I have no intentions of giving it away and I know it is a somewhat
  10. Upon further inspection, there appears to be a bullet or bullet shaped object in the neck area of the vest that hasn't been bent or anything
  11. There are many fragments in it. Some have fallen out since I've purchased it and looked over it. Wood fragments, pieces of metal, and pebbles. Some of the metal is goldish bronze, some of it is black, and the wood fragments are very small. There isn't much blood on it, however there is some internally and externally, but not enough to make me think the guy or gall was wearing it for long if at all. I wonder what would've been the cause of such damage. It's both in the front and the rear which makes me think it at least had to have been in some sort of blast where it would've been upright/on so
  12. Today I was browsing through the local surplus store, and managed to find a IBA vest. First glance it looked like it went through hell, second glance I realized what I was holding. This vest has been through war. It has shrapnel still in it, has blood near the neck area, and the amount of penetration is disturbing to say the least. I almost regret buying it, but considering the avid customer of the store I was at, I'm happy I did. Last thing such a sacred piece needs is to be covered in paint or get used for air soft. I'll post pictures of it later on today, I'm away from a camera right now.
  13. Just got one of these. It is so comfortable! I am looking to find a liner for it so I can wear it as "Combat Pajamas" when I head off to weekend events for CAP.
  14. Thought this was an interesting article about how the current IOTV is uncomfortable for female soldiers and how they are going to improve the IOTV to be more form fitting and comfortable for female soldiers. 101st Airborne Division female Soldiers first to test prototype body armor
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