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    Aeromedical, Flight Surgeon, Flight Nurse, Wings and flight related medical equipment. Survival kits, First Aid etc...
  1. I utilize the same system for my patches. Ultra Pro Platinum Series is exactly what you are looking for. If you do a search on them in Google you should be able to find what you want. V/r Chuck
  2. Thanks all. Appreciate the info.
  3. Having difficulty with this one. I usually only collect aeromedical stuff but this was it with some older patches? Is it common?
  4. With a name like Gillette. Crossed Razors...... Sorry I know it was weak and pointless but I couldn't help it.
  5. Thanks I appreciate your assistance with these. I'll put them on the For Sale Forum here and see if I get any bites. $10.00 for the set.
  6. Thanks I just needed to know what to do with them....Looks like an e-bay hail mary... LOL
  7. I was told this is an exceptionally rare patch. Even if it isn't its still cool. Thoughts???? it is original.
  8. What are these? I have never seen anything like them. They are all stiched on felt.
  9. There are at least 12 Aerospace chambers in the Air Force alone. Navy has several too as you can imagine. Its like having a crew dawg patch. Many units but no one in particular.
  10. As with all official patches they have to be approved by the command heraldry. Everything means something on each official patch and most have a liniage back to other squadrons or bases. The colors such as blue represnet the sky etc.... The symbol usually repesents the job etc... In this case the mainenance personel thought they needed eight appendages to keep up with the work. I'm pretty sure this was not an official patch but, I am probably wrong. Hope this helped
  11. Okay... That was awesome....You just impressed a First Sergeant with your integrity. PM me your address if you would please.
  12. This is exactly why I love this forum. Great Shooting, great history, great stories.
  13. Well after that I had to go look at my reproduction Auto-Ordinance with great disapointment :crying:
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