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  1. Why do these headsets go for so much on ebay...seems like they are going for at least $100 more than you can buy them from other websites...or I could just be crazy
  2. Some nice sets coming out...I need to get back on my game and get caught up
  3. K thanks...can you print of the cd or copy the pics for other uses?
  4. Does anyone have this book: A Concise history of the US Army Special operations Forces by Geoffrey Barker Looking to see if it's worth purchasing or not. I can't see if the pics inside are color or not from amazon. Thanks in advance Earle
  5. Because Ranger Joe makes flashes and ovals for everything regardless...lol
  6. Thanks...everyone that I have seen looks to be made by machine..most have a edge that would suggest that it wasn't cut from a flash
  7. Working on a photo reference of what I currently have for flashes and ovals. I'm scanning each one in and the using photo shop to clean up the edges and pasting it into excel. Still got some work to do with the look also. Thought it would be easier to take with me to shows or have in my truck so I'm not purchasing doubles. I thought about uploading to the internet but then was thinking what if I don't have service or my battery dies (always happens when I need it the most). Not that I have a great collection going on but it's getting there slowly. is there an easier way or am I
  8. Looking for the solid blue one..thanks though earle
  9. Fantasy, 501st doesn't wear a flash anymore. Ranger Joe has lots of fantasy/reproduction pieces on the bay.
  10. Has anyone seen or put there hands on either of these? I've only seen them in " American Military Patch Guide" by Morgan & Thurman. Thanks in advance Earle
  11. Thanks, the unassigned part was just what came with it when i bought it. I do plan on asking Carlos if he's seen these 2 before and who they may belong to. I thought maybe one of the rigger companies like the 600th or 612th tried to change there oval around here and i know the other one is just a reversed one.
  12. Grabbed these (and a bunch of doubles) over the last 2 weeks from various sources on the web and around town. I love the 5th Gpr Bullion flash. I've been looking for a 10th Grp stryker bar for quite some time now, glad to finally have it. I know the unassigned Rigger oval (not really sure why it's that way though) but anyone ever seen the reversed colors Qm one before? Grab the 501st but i'm almost 99% sure that they don't wear a beret and this was made by mistake. It's made no different than any other current 82nd Flash VR Earle
  13. Looks nice, can't wait to it when it comes out.
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