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    US Army in WW2.

    The Fixed bail M1 Helmet.

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  1. The thing that the whole JKash episode illustrates is no one can be certain either way if it is fake or not. JKash fooled experienced collectors and novices alike. At the end of the day all that experience in helmet collecting counted for sh1t. Anyone can be fooled and unless you have it in hand all opinions are just opinions. The JKash episode only proved that no one should hold themselves out as an expert - you still crash and burn as much as the novice.
  2. I assume you already know about the net.
  3. I’m not making any comments on the helmets, but the 3rd Infantry Division were known to cut the chinstraps off their helmets. There are many period photos showing this.
  4. Maybe dual citizenship. I encountered quite a few Americans serving in the British Army when I was in the Mid 90s. A fair few in the Parachute Regiment. When I joined we had an American guy who had served in the USMC. Rich
  5. It was Easy Red sector - you may find this link interesting. https://petapixel.com/2019/02/16/debunking-the-myths-of-robert-capa-on-d-day/
  6. No problems with that. Very good condition with British made net.
  7. I can see now it’s actually the swivel loop that’s been replaced. Field repairs were usually crudely done by brazing the loop back on. Take some clearer pictures of the chinstraps and bar tacking, clearer pictures will help. No doubt the vesicant paint is original but it does look fairly new. Better pictures of the repair and chinstraps may give you a better opinion.
  8. Compare the paint on your example to this one.
  9. Sadly I think this was probably an old shell that’s been touched up. The chinstraps look to be repro and don’t have the correct bar tacking. The thread used is the wrong colour. The replaced loop looks to be fixed while the other is swivel. This gas detecting paint is still available and with age goes a deeper mustard colour. I wouldn’t fret about it too much if the helmet was cheap.
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