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  1. @Salvage Sailor- you don't happen to recognize any of these officers do you? I saw in another thread about NUC patches that you worked with the CURV series. The images of these officers is from a film of Dr. McLean demonstrating the early experimental ROV vehicles. There was some technology overlap between these experimental ROVs and CURV.
  2. I'm researching several officers that appear in some film from 1970. I believe they are all US Navy. The film was taken in San Diego CA, during demonstrations by the Naval Undersea Center. I'd be very appreciative if anyone can verify rank, etc., or glean any other information that may help me ultimately identify who these officers are. Sorry for the poor resolution, but these are clips from digitized film. Person #1: I'm not sure about this one. I would say a US Navy Captain, but I thought they had one star on their shoulder. Person #2: The photos below, that I think are the same person, appear to be a US Navy Commander, qualified in submarines. I'm curious what the bottom medal might be. Person #3: The photo below appears to be a Captain or Commander. I'm curious what his top medal might be.
  3. This one from 1927-1928, probably Panama, but possibly Hawaii.
  4. From my granddad (served on submarine S-46) taken 1924-1925 while stationed at New London Conn. Sub Base.
  5. My dad saved a lot of photos from when he was in the Navy during the Korean War, most of them while at sea, and some of shore bombardment action. I know that he took most or all of the photos himself, except for a dozen or more that are framed differently than his photos. There is a black border with 3 spaces for writing things. Does anyone know if it was a US Navy camera that takes photos like this? Here is an example, and a closeup of the writing in one of them.
  6. I'm digitizing my dad's slides from the Korean War era, when he served in the US Navy. I'm hoping somebody knowledgeble about military history can identify the location of this photo. It's of the crew of the USS Renshaw, DDE-499 (and numerous cases of Budweiser) relaxing at a beach. My dad's label for the group of photos it's in is simply "Summer 1951 at sea on USS Renshaw in Far East - Korea". My best guess is that the overturned hulks are tracked landing vehicles, which makes me wonder if this was taken on Okinawa. Any ideas?
  7. Adding to the above, he was at Camp Harry J. Jones in Arizona, near the Mexican border. Enlisted early May 1918, arrived at that camp later that month. He had immigrated to the US as a boy 9 years earlier, and was a subject of the Russian Empire (from Latvia). Naturalized as a US citizen in June 1918 while at that camp. All the affidavit and witnesses were Captains in the 302nd cavalry. Don't know much beyond that...can't find anything on Fold3.
  8. My grandfather's collar disks (artillery).
  9. My dad grew up in the Canal Zone (Panama). During WWII, he sold newpapers to sailors aboard US Naval ships as they transited the canal. Just after the war ended, he would also bum souvenirs from the sailors. The pictures below are some of what he saved. I did some searching, but didn't find other copies, although they must not be too rare since most of the sailors would have gotten them. Regarding the one from the Enterprise, the only mention I found was at the Naval History and Heritage Command where it says: Saga of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Anon. New York: N.p., 1945. 8 leaves, 20 cm. Dornbusch 1950: 883, Smith: 7255. No known copy location. I'm wondering how common these are. Saga of the U.S.S. Enterprise
  10. Sorry, meant Herb Friedman on the psyops, not Ed Rouse (but too late to edit that post).
  11. My uncle, Ralph William Masis was a yeoman on the Lexington from 1943 until November 1944. His battle station was providing ammunition to an AA gun near the island. The gun was in the area where an early kamikaze plane struck the Lexington on 5 Nov 1944. My uncle was the only one of the crew at that gun that survived, although he was badly injured and spent many months in the hospital. He was a yeoman first in the Air Office, and after that, in the Captain's office. I don't have a lot of info on exactly what he did, but I think he did some work in communications, and working with personnel reports. He kept a folder with various papers he saved from that time. I emailed the Lexington museum asking if they were interested in sailor collections, but received no reply. I have a feeling most of these papers are routine, but don't really know. So, I'm curious if anybody can tell me if any of this is interesting to anyone. If so, I can add scans here of particular items. Here's what there is: Last letter he sent, written a few days before getting injured, describing some of the things he does, mentions seeing the Princeton destroyed. Wartime letter from childhood friend F.T. "Ted" Bell, USS Ard 14 Wartime letter from childhood friend Pvt. Tony Gimenez, 184th Chemical Service Platoon Burdett College News, Oct. 1943 which includes group photos of graduating Yeoman, WAVES, and SPARS classes Lyrics to song "Shoot That Bogey Down" Farewell message "To the Officers and Men of Task Force THIRTY-EIGHT" from Vice Admiral M.A. Mitscher Commander in Chief Pacific Ocean Areas Communique Number 168 (4 pages) detailing the 2nd Battle of the Philippine Sea Oct 1944 Dates and areas ship traveled to from Sep 18 1943 to Oct 25, 1944 Change of duty/detachment orders for 5 different crewmen (not sure why he still had these and the next item) Longevity Pay report for Chief Machinist James Douglas Smith Directive on Reports of Personnel Casualties Occurring in Action (19 Jan 1944) Procedure to be followed when an officer is detached 4/17/44 Procedure to be followed when an officer reports for duty 4/17/44 Skeleton Casualty Despatch Skeleton Airplane Accident Report Skeleton Amplifying Airmailgram which follows original casualty despatch Sample MIA Airmailgram for airman "Ensign John Paul Jones" 27 Nov 1943 Sample Amplifying Casualty Despatch Airmailgram for airman "John Paul Jones" Subpoena and Summons Extraordinary, The Royal High Court of the Raging Main to R.W. Masis (the Lexington briefly crossed the equator in Sep 1943) Very Special Order from Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Lexington regarding The boarding of this vessel by the Royal Scribe, Davy Jones, … Sep 21 1943 5 Psyops leaflets. I've previously shared these with Ed Rouse, and he added one to his website
  12. It was years ago, but I think it was Uniontown, near Pullman.
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