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  1. Thanks guys. That kinda stinks. Is it possible that he re-enlisted or something like that?
  2. Hey guys, Received this uniform a few days ago and Ive been researching the name for the last few hours. The last possible veteran this uniform could belong to is John Crawford Adams. He was in UDT-5 and received the silver star in Saipan. The ribbons match the service for UDT-5 so far but the deciding factor is if he transferred into the reserves postwar. He was an ensign when he got the silver star and its completely possible he became a captain through the reserves. That would explain the reserve ribbon also. This is the only veteran with the last name Adams it could be. What do you
  3. Hey guys, I haven’t received it yet but I’ll post more photos when I do. I was thinking maybe a custom WW1 Navy Aviators Uniform?
  4. Hey guys, I just got this uniform but it perplexes me. Any help will be appreciated! Sorry in advance for the photos! -Noah
  5. Hi Allen, Thanks! I haven’t seen an orange one before. Maybe someone else on the forum can give you a hand. Regards, -Noah
  6. Hi there! Im unfortunately not sure. His citation wasnt in his records. I have his separation of service paper that lists his SSM as WW2 navy. I can speculate though. The ship he was on was the USS Gwin that took out multiple aircraft in Okinawa. He was also a gunner on the ship! -Noah
  7. Hi there, Those look 70s-80s but Im not too sure. I know for sure UP stands for Unit Police. I have a nice one from the 2nd Infantry Division in a group. Regards -Noah
  8. Hey guys! Im happy to bring you guys my newest silver star uniform grouping! Whats great is that I have all of his paperwork! Its all identified to Robert Jobe and I purchased everything from his son. Jobe enlisted in the USN in WW2 and was stationed on the USS Gwin where he received the Silver Star and Purple Heart in Okinawa. His service doesnt stop there! He then reenlisted into the Army and was in the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea where he received the Bronze Star with V device for destroying 3 North Korean tanks singlehandedly while being wounded! Im suprised he didnt receive another
  9. Thanks guys! It’s really nice to get such an extensive grouping! -Noah
  10. Hello everyone! Just received this amazing uniform from his son. Its identified to Robert L. Jobe who was in WW2 and Korea! He first served in the Navy on the USS Gwin where he received the Bronze Star with V in Okinawa! Later on, he joined the Army and fought with the 2nd Infantry Division. Here he received the Silver Star by taking out 3 North Korean tanks singlehandly while being wounded! -Noah PS: Im selling a few items from my collection so please message me if youre interested!
  11. Hey guys, I received this helmet a little ways back but I couldnt never determine whats up with this helmet! Any help is appreciated! -Noah
  12. Always looking for some really odd interesting items, uniforms, and groupings!

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