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    I collect WW2 gear from the US, German, Japanese, and Soviet armies.
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  1. Thank you all for your help! The cemetery caretaker will be very pleased to know.
  2. I was cleaning up a VERY old cemetery (latest stone was 1947, 2nd latest was 1906) with my FFA chapter and there are many veterans of the revolutionary war and civil war buried there. We came across this flag holder/marker and we have no idea what it is. The stone it was beside was made of marble and corroded to the point that its illegible. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. One of the nicer ones out there. Stacked brass and plexiglass washers and some other material (seems almost like wood but it has a really fine wavy design into it). Blade looks to have come from a sword of some kind, seeing how it has most of the mirror finish and the beveling like that of a sword. All held tightly together by a brass nut. Came in the sheath that I had posted earlier today.
  4. Ill make a new thread for the knife.
  5. The thing that makes me believe that its modified is because of that spare rivet- without it the knife would be very loose in the sheath
  6. Thats why Im thinking it belongs to another knife just modified for mine. The knife itself is very nice and well made, one of the nicer ones out there.
  7. I was at a car show (against my will) and there happened to be a small flea market (when I say small I mean 10-15 tables tops) and there was a guy selling a bunch of junk. I spied a theater made knife (Ill post the actual knife later) and it came in this modified sheath. My question is: is this a WW2 era sheath or a post war sheath? Does anyone recognize what it may belong to? Has the extra river added and the snap is missing. (I got the knife and sheath for only $20 so I wont be disappointed if its not original era)
  8. Is the M5 or M18 better? What would each be worth?
  9. Anyone else going to this? Its this Saturday and Sunday. Hoping to find some great militaria there!
  10. Very nice! I need a spoon for mine, the one I have is broken
  11. Right, wouldnt make much sense for a patch to be all stained up.
  12. Im always open to buying WW2 or earlier ammo and such, just shoot me a dm if youre looking to sell any
  13. That patch is really pathetic. Never seen one so poorly made!
  14. The only marking I can find on the body is a 2 towards the bottom. Now that you mentioned it, it is quite obvious that the spoon broke and was rigged together. At any rate, great buy for 3 bucks
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