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    Collects patched examples of Vietnam era jungle jackets, Panamanian Defense Force uniforms/gear, desert combat uniforms.
  1. Can't believe someone would throw this away. Amazing collection of bring backs.
  2. Hey guys, These coveralls are a bit strange as they lack the 13 star buttons, belt, etc that you would normally associate with an HBT coverall set from the period. There are no tags on the uniform although there are what I believe to be some Army laundry stamps on the collar and inner pocket lining. Can anyone tell me what type of HBT coverall set I have here? Thanks in advance.
  3. I think this one is a Tokarev style holster.
  4. One other thing about the jacket is the absence of buttons for the pockets. Adds more credence to the idea it was a test version of the jacket since it doesn't look like any attempt was made to add buttons to the pockets.
  5. Looking closely, the name tag itself is a bit rough in terms of the lettering as well. It's possible someone swapped out Griffith's tag for the Davie's one and wore it as a costume.
  6. Seems to make sense, it's strange the jacket has a different name tag.
  7. I thought Spanish as well initially but it doesn't have the same rivet holes as one of their helmets and the shape is different.
  8. Shot of the pants lining I was talking about, in-country done maybe?
  9. Unit patch, Defense Atomic Support Agency
  10. Hey guys, I picked up this grouping and could use some help in identifying the general. The only thing I have is his last name based on the name tag and the insignia present. I searched the jacket and pants but could not find a full name. I did find a '68 date for one of the trousers though. Also, I noticed one of the pairs of pants has an odd lining which I'll post pictures of as well. Here are some shots of the uniform which indicates service from WW2 to Vietnam. Also, does anyone know what the silver and red ribbon is?
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