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  1. you know what would be a good reference is to start buying these fake patches and then have them compared to originals and post the photos on here as like a reference guide to everyone so they can see what makes them fake
  2. Yes you can see remnants of the yellow band on it.
  3. Heh you know its times like this that make me wonder, I'm sure most of you have seen a ranger joes catalog that has the thongs in there for women that say "I heart my Paratrooper (or ranger or soldier etc.) You think 60-70 years down the road some guy like us will get excited and post his great find of his Great Aunts "I Love My Paratrooper" thong on a forum. Just a thought....
  4. I was able to send out the first three this link before ebay wised up and stopped me.
  5. Well the shell is WW2 period as it is a front seam mccord radiator company made. The liner has definitly been reworked. The helmet shell looks to be missing alot of paint, and the insignia I would say has been either post war applied or faked.
  6. awesome, thank you, me and another officer had been searching for a good hour on different sites with no luck. Mike Kirby
  7. got a bag of ribbon bars recently and it included 11 ribon bars I've IDed them all except one right now until I get a picture my description and paint drawing will have to do. Its split into two colors down the middle horizontally, a dark red on top and dark blue on bottom, and then it has 5 bronze stars on it. drawing any ideas?
  8. the markings look like they could have been faked or retouched but the liner.....as borat would say "WA-WA-WEE-WO!"
  9. Well look on the bright side...there might be a trend.....he's displaying a jacket so he has no shirt on.........now think if he was displaying a set of trousers
  10. Dont forget the army did serve in the pacific as well (thus the army stamped liner) it is reported that the 7th Infantry Division camoed their helmets with gas protection paint while in the Pacific theater. The 3rd Infantry Division used the camo gas detection paint in the ETO and MTO and it was a more broken line style camo job. The 7th ID was more reported to have a blotched effect with their camo job and your helmet represents that blotched effect. An example of both of these helmets can be seen in the book "Painted Steel" by Chris Armold So my verdict is that its an Army Helmet,
  11. He was with the smaller SF elements I'm not sure where all he was at but I do know he was in Mogadishu and after the famous black hawk down incident about a month or so he rotated home.
  12. I've got his dress blues and many of his patches including his 1st ID one from when he was in vietnam
  13. Just recieved a grouping for a Gordon Kirby who served with the 1st Infantry Division from 1965-1966 The grouping includes: His transfer order from Co. B 1st Battalion 3rd ID to 1st Inf Div 2 Bde Vn 11 APO 96345 dated 2 August 1965 His Military Pay Voucher for his travels His Port Call For Unaccompanied Military Personnel Form dated 2 August 1965 His MATS transportation authorization ticket from Travis AFB dated 6, Oct. 65 A piece of paper with his APO written on it 47 Photos many of which are in country photos including several taken while on a patrol His reenlistment form dates 15
  14. Erwin, Theres a knife store near my town that has an original Ames US Officer Sword (cant remember the exact model) dated 1864 for sale for $400 if you're interested sometime in the future and its still available let me know and I'll send the info over to ya on how to get it. Its in really nice shape.
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