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  1. I think the Salvadorian looks ok also. After another look the 1st Grp looks ok as well. I wouldnt give up on the PRU or Recondo just yet. Can you provide a closer pic of the 151st thread and backing material?
  2. Howdy, The darker FANK beret patch looks original, I belive the E Co. Ranger tab is a repro. The PRU looks a little suspect. Hard to tell on the 1st Grp Flash. Im sure someone has more to offer. Hope this helps some anyway. Cheers Kenny
  3. Hello, im no expert in this field ,but looks of German manufacturing Possibly WW2? Looks close to Afrika corps related. Just a guess.
  4. Most of my patches and misc para wings are framed. I just simply take a few pictures ot the lot,print and write what i think is a fair sell price on each image. Takes the guess work out for whoever made need it. Then just attach document to back of frame or display. Seems to be sufficient. Cheers
  5. East Asia Supply makes some very nice repros ,tigers, ArVN rangers, Police, etc.
  6. The real ones are much nicer looking , finer details...usually. Gills the Man!
  7. I've actually thought about doing just that.just running out of table room.? thanks for the idea tho?
  8. That's a Killer grunt ya got there bro! Charlie Mike
  9. Hot damn. Nicely done Sir. Looks like we collect very similar items. Trying to figure out how to display a very special boonie and patch combo. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing those rare patches! Cheers
  10. No kidding! Killer setup. I was in those AOs myself. Small world. Thanks for your Service! Salute
  11. Indeed , even looks uniform removed. Nice score.
  12. Top notch Jacob! Very well done Sir. I have a similar family history line myself, sadly it stopped at me. Keep up the good work. Cheers
  13. Great intro Bud! Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay. All the best!
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