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  1. The second one, however, is a bit confusing. The physical construction looks the same, but it is of a pinkish-bronze metal. Additionally, it is marked KG LUKE MELB. Can anyone enlighten me as to why the materials used and markings are different? Thanks in advance!
  2. A tale of two Luke's. As part of my EGA collection, I am the proud owner of two KG Luke emblems. The first one is trenched, and displays K.G. LUKE MELBOURNE prominently on the reverse. It has a darkened bronze patina and is complete in all respects:
  3. Holy schnikies! Find of the year! Congrats and Semper Fi, Ski
  4. Typically, no. Word would be passed down from "higher" as to which side would be used for which operation. Exception would be the mosquito net helmet covers used late-war (and as late as Vietnam), which only had the jungle camo side. A popular mantra expressing the frustration of switching sides of the helmet cover and having to remake a pack with blanket roll (with camouflaged poncho or shelter half facing out) went: "Green side out, Brown side out, Run in circles, Scream and shout!" I'm sure there are exceptions, but by and large most (if not all) Marines and Corpsmen in a
  5. Well, I finally got my hands on one. The postman delivered this stunning 1921 dated J.N. Susskind & Co. 1917 Dress Blue cap yesterday. No name that I can find, and it looks like it was never even worn. Definitely the "Holy Grail" of my collection thus far, and I'm proud to have it! Thanks for looking, Ski
  6. I'd say it's campaign dependent. Tarawa, Peleliu and Iwo Jima would be "beach side". The majority of the other campaigns (Bougainville, Saipan/Tinian, Okinawa, et al) are "jungle side". I'd agree that given the nature of the jungle fights in the Pacific, the beach side was used less frequently. Semper Fi, Ski
  7. Close! BDU-45s use the Mk 4 spotting cartridge. The CXU-3 is used by smaller practice bombs like the Mk 76, BDU-33, Mk 4, etc... Great info, though, thanks for your comments! Semper Fi, Ski
  8. WOW!!! I've tackled a couple Iwo Jima Shermans myself (4th and 5th Tk Bn), but yours are SUPERB. Fantastic attention to detail, and your finishing is top notch. Mind if I ask what you used for the "Marine Green" on your Shermans? Well done, mate! Ski
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