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  1. I picked up a WWII FS SB helmet today, missing chin straps. Heat stamp 275A with S beneath the numbers I believe puts it in 1943. There appears to be small white rectangles about 1"x1.5" on each side and the front. On the back, a little off center, looks like USMC in 1.5" letters. The liner is Westinghouse. Not sure why it's white.







  2. A friend of my mom's in Altus, OK. heard that I collect all eras of militaria and she wondered if I would be interested in her late husband's uniform and equipment and some documents bearing his name. The display is a WIP - I'm wanting to have a scale model of the KC-135 Tanker he flew in Vietnam to complement the display. Everything pictured was worn in VN. Oddly enough, his webbing is dated 1950s. M1911A1 is plastic.



  3. I have read on several posts referring to an "M2 Carbine." Just because it has post war mods, like a bayo lug, round bolt, type 2 or 3 rear sight, does not make it an M2. M2s were strictly select fire semi or full auto - the flip lever being on the left side of the receiver - usually not even visible. I know of no M2s being fielded during WW2. The bayonet lug appeared very, very late ETO or PTO, as in April/May 1945, and in extremely limited numbers. I have spoken to a few WWII vets who were trained for the invasion of Japan and were sailing from Hawaii to Australia and were issued one 30 round magazine. But that would still be the summer of 1945. Someone posted an interesting photo taken in Europe spring 1945 where the GI had a carbine with no bayonet lug, but clearly in his scabbard was an M4 bayonet instead of an M3 knife.

  4. I should have posted this a month ago, but I have been too busy. I have been collecting WWI through Vietnam since the 1980s. I thought it appropriate to display my collection on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice at the school where I teach. Honestly, like many here, I've been eagerly anticipating this anniversary. My latest addition to my collection was last weekend. I picked up and 1906 dated bayonet with scabbard last weekend. I'll post some "after" pictures when I'm done restoring it. The Uniform, Great Coat, garrison cap and personal effects bag all belonged to a T.C. Barbee. One of the mess kits belonged to I.S. Corsbie from the 82nd ID (trench art marked). Not pictured part of my collection is a canteen, cup and mess kit with knife, spoon and fork that belonged to 1st. Sgt. Harry E. Smith on the Engineers - all decorated. The cup has about 30+ places on it he was during the war. I also have his WWII M1 Helmet.





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