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  1. Wow. Very impressive. Is the first aid pouch original? I believe you need to look into the mess kit, though. Isn't that a 1942 pattern? Premature for 1937. You'd most likely have the M1910 pattern.
  2. I picked up a WWII FS SB helmet today, missing chin straps. Heat stamp 275A with S beneath the numbers I believe puts it in 1943. There appears to be small white rectangles about 1"x1.5" on each side and the front. On the back, a little off center, looks like USMC in 1.5" letters. The liner is Westinghouse. Not sure why it's white.
  3. My dad found one for me just like this 5' x 9.5' NOS with the box addressed to the Post Office in Henrietta, OK, dated Mar 1941. It looks as new as if it had been made yesterday.
  4. Mint, unissued Multicam top, size 42 for $6. Still has the tags attached. Rank, ear pugs and 420th Bde shoulder patch were mine from the 1990s.
  5. I picked up a 1911 but the hammer was broken. It now sits in my WWI M1916 holster. I also had one that was a Japanese Nambu that I sold.
  6. I had one a few years ago that was dated 1953 that I sold. I regret it now.
  7. A friend of my mom's in Altus, OK. heard that I collect all eras of militaria and she wondered if I would be interested in her late husband's uniform and equipment and some documents bearing his name. The display is a WIP - I'm wanting to have a scale model of the KC-135 Tanker he flew in Vietnam to complement the display. Everything pictured was worn in VN. Oddly enough, his webbing is dated 1950s. M1911A1 is plastic.
  8. UGH! M43 Jackets at Normandy 1944 and what are those other jackets supposed to be? M36 suspenders look like they're on inside out. And the patches? No thanks.
  9. Known to collectors as "Transitional." Manufacturers simply using existing materials until exhausted. My M43 e-tool cover like yours is dated 1944. The GP ammo bag is dated 1944, too.
  10. The SN looks like it was painted with liquid white-out. White paint over time should have yellowed a bit. The follow me stripe looks like it was painted last month with spray paint. As others have mentioned, the scratches are huge red flags for me. Here's my WWII helmet from Col. Harry E. Smith for caparison on aging over time.
  11. I married into this M3A1 Scout Car that I'm on-again-off-again restoring. It was in a farm field in west Texas near Lubbock. Lucky me! Yes, they are out there.
  12. Stony, if you are able to gather that information could you please share it? I'm from Oklahoma and have started looking for original USS Oklahoma items and gathering information. This image is pre-1928 refitting I picked up a few years ago.
  13. I have read on several posts referring to an "M2 Carbine." Just because it has post war mods, like a bayo lug, round bolt, type 2 or 3 rear sight, does not make it an M2. M2s were strictly select fire semi or full auto - the flip lever being on the left side of the receiver - usually not even visible. I know of no M2s being fielded during WW2. The bayonet lug appeared very, very late ETO or PTO, as in April/May 1945, and in extremely limited numbers. I have spoken to a few WWII vets who were trained for the invasion of Japan and were sailing from Hawaii to Australia and were issued one 30 roun
  14. I have about a dozen unopened WWII .30 Ball M2 20 round cartons I'm thinking of putting in the crate - building up a false space with cardboard underneath so it appears as though it is full.
  15. Mess kits. The center kit is from 1st Sgt. Harry E. Smith of the 1st Army, Engineers, AEF.
  16. M1910 Pack with M1917 Cartridge Belt. Shoes are unissued French made with size 28 sticker still on the heel.
  17. I should have posted this a month ago, but I have been too busy. I have been collecting WWI through Vietnam since the 1980s. I thought it appropriate to display my collection on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice at the school where I teach. Honestly, like many here, I've been eagerly anticipating this anniversary. My latest addition to my collection was last weekend. I picked up and 1906 dated bayonet with scabbard last weekend. I'll post some "after" pictures when I'm done restoring it. The Uniform, Great Coat, garrison cap and personal effects bag all belonged to a T.C. Barbee. One of t
  18. WWII. I picked up a 1943 dated duffel bag with several attached tags. One of them is exactly like yours.
  19. Very interesting information. I never knew there were so many differences. Here's my French made shoes with my WWI display. They still have the size sticker ("28") under the heel.
  20. This is fantastic. I'm partial to the Oklahoma. I was born and raised in Stillwater. I own this original pre-1928 photo of the USS Oklahoma I found at a gun show. May I borrow your images for personal reference?
  21. The M3A1 Scout Car I bought and am restoring had 91 R HQ - 7 on the rear bumper. This doesn't help with the guidon, but from what I've read the Recon Troops were attached to other units, not part of the TO&E.
  22. Here's some of my manuals. On second thought the contract information may be 1960s or after. Someone else may know more.
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