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  1. Picked this handbook up at a junk shop.
  2. Nice to live in Free America where you can buy a pistol at the swap meet. Really nice score! I'm jealous.
  3. Fantastic artwork. Thanks for posting.
  4. Welcome from a fellow Southern Californian.
  5. I love these hand-painted GI boxes. Yours is extra nice.
  6. Always nice to see something new. Thanks for posting.
  7. Whoever sewed the trident patch was drunk or cross-eyed.
  8. No markings on the scabbard, that I can see.
  9. Is this a legitimate Civil War sword or a later type? I'm thinking about making an offer on it and wonder what is it's value. Thanks
  10. The skull design looks European to me, rather than American. Who knows, could be GIs that copied it from a mine sign or some other German source.
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