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  1. An old hat I saw in an antique store. Considering purchasing it. Listed as $20. Any info in where this hat would be used and how old it is would be helpful. Just left do I dont have any more pics sadly but I can tell you it was made in Cincinnati Ohio.
  2. "HS" Air Force patch mounted on a jacket. I cant find one online. There are indents around the patch that make the shape of wings so this patch once had wings on it. Any help appreciated.
  3. Just got this medal today and am unsure what it is for. It says it is a medal for a veteran's event that took place on October 16th 17th and 18th in 1895 in Buffalo New York. The top bar says Souvenir and the back of the medal says "Made for L M Garfinkel pmila". If anybody recognizes this medal any info would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. Ok I ended up putting it in a solution of water and isopropyl alcohol and it turned out ok. It actually aged the cover pretty well. It faded all the graffiti which looked pretty nice and as well I blurred out the graffiti I didnt want afterward and now it isn't really readable. Just like some of the original helmets on which there are a few layers of graffiti because the elements washed some away
  5. No i don't mean original helmet graffiti but I have some graffiti I put on a vietnam helmet cover a while ago and would like to remove it now. The marker is pretty set in at this point and I tried using the isopropyl alcohol method but it leaves a shadow of the line I made. Would soaking it in a rubbing alcohol bucket work? Or maybe some combination of water and alcohol? Any info is good but I would prefer methods that completely remove the old stain or come as close to it as possible. I just want to make sure that putting it in the alcohol solution doesn't make all the marker run and ruin the
  6. There are no other ribbon bar markings there. I was puzzled at this too and expected at least a vietnam service ribbon
  7. Ok thanks guys this all helps
  8. Thank you. I was not worried about the different dates but only the lack of left sleeve SSI. Your explanation sounds logical.
  9. So this is messed with? I thought it was an unmessed with set. So someone put the patch on the right shoulder? Or is it normal for some uniforms to just have one patch on the right shoulder? I thought all uniforms had their unit patches on the left first and if they had a one on the right it was more of a decoration of past service with another unit. I could be horribly wrong.
  10. This uniform is one i've had for a while and I've suspected it for a while. The reason is that the only unit patch on it is a patch for MACV (Military Assistance Control Vietnam) is on the right shoulder and there is no evidence of a patch being on the left sleeve. So is this a thing? I'm not really good with uniforms so any help would be appreciated. Also I have found dates on all three articles of clothing. The undershirt is dated 1970, the pants are 1969, and the jacket is 1971. They appear to have been together for a while because I can see the indents under the clasps on the service ribbo
  11. I found this compass in my grandfather's basement. He also had another WWI compass down there which was an Engineer corps one. This one i have looked up repeatedy but have not been able to find an exact model. All i know is that the models like this are commony labeled as WWI Compasses. Also the fact that the thing says "Germany" instead of "Duetschand" leads me to believe it is a US compass. Any help would be appreciated. Andrew
  12. Just got this helmet cover dated 1964 that is pretty salty. I really like the look of this one and like how it was put on. The helmet was mine before so i matched the stress marks at the base of the helmet cover. It also has the slits cut in the base for the chinstrap loops to fit through. It also has two letters of graffiti on the side. It either is AO for Area of Operations or HO for Ho Chi Minh. Just thought i would share. Andrew
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