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  1. Pardon the late reply ... I have one of these and also have the prior folding version, both were ebay purchases. As a test I used this model to trim foliage in the backyard in summer 2019. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. It is a cross between a long knife and a machete, meaning it has the swing of a machete, but the weight of a hunting knife, having a near-quarter inch thick spine (yep, 'real thick') It trimmed 2-3" diameter tree branches in about three strikes and handled everything else with single-stroke ease. -
  2. The bladders I've seen in the past included with the SKRAM is the 'bulb' bladder, WWII'ish design.
  3. Very nice (those SpareAir people had me thinking they had come up with an original idea lol) -
  4. Where can one find new-production water bladders like these? I have vintage ones and I'm rather impressed with the design.
  5. And the Egress air system that attaches to it. Im looking for documentation concerning its use, inspection, assembly to AW vest, etc. Thanks!
  6. Anyone know where to get one? With the zipper pull would be nice. (I already got a quote for brand new, $370.00ish.)
  7. Great pics and info. Is the SKRAM still a thing? Contents revised?
  8. Good stuff, thanks. One particular material I'd like to try is Duck Cloth, Nylon, per MILC7219, NSN 8305-01-173-4436, as this seems to be the miracle cloth that my SV-2B vest is made of lol. It can get soaking wet and literally two minutes later is dry again. It is a heavy-duty, UNcoated nylon. Anyone know where to find it?
  9. Very interested in the concept of leggings/puttees as a flexible, lightweight ankle/lower leg protective covering used in conjunction with cross country shoes (vs using full, heavy, stiff high top boots) and I'm willing to give it a shot at making them myself. I'm also open to hearing from those who make and sell them. Thanks!
  10. I made a video showing close up details of the SRU-16/P kit I recently acquired. It is a 2016 production unit. I also included footage of the Army Air Forces Manual 64-15, Emergency uses of the Parachute, which can be paused to effectively read the whole manual enjoy
  11. Ok, yep, its an LPU-2 The ebay listing said LPU-10.
  12. There is a print label on the 'underside' of the orange bladder, between itself and the green harness/pocket. I can untie the white nylon cord in order to get a pic. There was no other documentation, the sleeve pocket on the shoulder straps was empty.
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