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    looking for informations on Public Safety in Vietnam, Advisors working with South Vietnamese National Police, or any other US personnel working closely with the following South Vietnamese police units, NPFF, Special Police, Security Police, Marine police, Saigon Harbor police, Resource control ect... or who had any experience working in DIOCCS and PIOCCS.

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  1. very nice, i have the same type Drago Paris, like yours, without a number and i have been after a numbered piece for the last 10 years.
  2. i recall a SOS show 4 years ago, while walking through the ailes i was surprised to see an elder man with a baseball cap and attached to it a Khmer para badge, so i stopped him and we talked and he told me that he was an instructor for FANk units, i asked him if his badge was numbered, and he pulled it from his cap, detached the french pins, and i saw the number on the back, it was the first FANK french made para badge that was numbered that i have ever seen. Laotian you can find them from time to time. HCMT
  3. i doubt many europeans will show if the situation has not improved by then
  4. from the pocket thread it seems to be a Korean War P47 shirt
  5. pictures are courtesy of Thayer Soule Collection (COLL/2266) at the Archives Branch, Marine Corps History Division https://www.flickr.com/photos/usmcarchives/36579702871/in/album-72157665217785417/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/usmcarchives/36579702601/in/album-72157665217785417/
  6. when i go in the chapters i cant see any pictures, do you need to register?
  7. i think over the past years and with the internet there is a bigger interest in european collectors for US militaria
  8. the higher price is also coming because with the internet, it s attracting international bidders, maybe not with blades because of custom regulations, but many collectors in Europe are collecting US military.
  9. i have bought twice from him 10 years ago, smooth transaction, but the web site is confusing and completely outdated, so i quite following it long time ago.
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