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  1. I had these WWII USMC decals reproduced. I have copes available in the for sale section. S/F Javier http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...howtopic=144230
  2. That's a nice M37. I like the Marine markings but I am biased. Semper Fi Javier
  3. We also found alot of unexploded land mines. Who knows what is is hiding in the deserts on N. Africa
  4. When I went to Eygpt on active duty we visited Montgomery's HQ outside Alexandria. They had a US military truck that had been buried in the sand for over 50 years. It was in the same condition as this P40.
  5. I'm always amazed that a family member would part with such great family history.
  6. I did OK then. It will be a good addition to my collection
  7. Thanks. It's in pretty good shape and what looks like an original chin strap
  8. I found this helmet this weekend. Has HS 318 stamped on the inside. Still need to research it. Semper Fi Javier
  9. Especially since thre is almost no padding in those set cushions.
  10. Buyer beware. Especially with a story like that
  11. This is one from the Nimitz museum in Fredericksburg TX
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