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  1. He was a Great Soldier & Business Man. .His son a a Brave Man to save everyone in the fire only to be damaged by it. still he was More Man that most men.
  2. These were Givin by Family member to a %%€€€ Named Rob. Seibert. He was suppose to be a WW2 reinactor. Saw him in pic wearing one on here.
  3. We have a War Memorial here in Richmond,Va But it doesn't go in Private Lives after the War.
  4. Thought starting a Private Museam in Richmond. With other Amazing War Heros too. Any thoughts on that?
  5. Have a pic I want to send you . What is another e mail address. This site won't take it. 

    1. Championhilz


      You can send it to: championhilz@att.net

    2. Championhilz


      What is the picture you are going to send?


  6. Have a Few Photos and some Facts about Col.S.R.Navas. And a few other items. Real American Hero.
  7. have lots of Facts about Stanley R Navas. And Photos .
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