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  1. Can't say for sure if this is the correct sling, but I will say it works and fits? Could be backwards for all I know? If it's wrong and backwards hopefully someone will point me in the right direction? IIRC I put this on, and the launcher certainly did not come in this way, however everything on it is USGI (the sling may be a repro.....I don't know for sure?)
  2. That pouch is really nice, unfortunately none of my strips will fit in it? The action photos you posted are excellent as well. I did see Sarco had stocks too, unfortunately they are stripped and finding the parts to finish is impossible.
  3. This is a Hotchkiss we have with accessories including the strip loader/ resizer, flexible strips, etc. Strip fed guns are pretty interesting creatures! Mr. Jerry, you might want to stop and take a look at some point in your travels?
  4. Unfortunately at 7:20 the claim is made pre-86 dealer samples can be transferred to an heir without an SOT. That's not correct and is what the OP is asking about. There's a reason they use red ink on these dealer sample stamps, so you don't attempt to transfer them to anyone other than an SOT i.e. "red flag". Other than the the video is pretty good basic info, but I can tell you from personal experience Morphy's, nor any other auction houses are up to speed on what it takes to transfer to entities, they wait till after the correction letter arrives to fix it. This adds time and frustrat
  5. Much easier to get one out of the EU or Canada. or various other countries than the US. You can have someone do the export paperwork and hope it gets approved.....some day, but for something like that it's easiest to go elsewhere. That stuff is laying around the globe. HTH
  6. Had you set up a another entity such as a corporation,llc, etc........ anything but a trust, it could have held an FFL/SOT and transferred the pre-may samples to it, then dropped it later. As the regs are currently, trusts are barely a legal entity, have issues crossing state lines, and a number of other pitfalls including their longevity, etc. The short answer is no, you can't move pre-mays into a trust, they can only go to a current SOT. They can't even be willed/ form 5'ed to a beneficiary. Now you know why they are cheap....er.
  7. I'm suggesting anyone holding a machine gun without a magazine isn't in for much of a fight, regardless of country......that's all. I don't know anything about uniforms and am asking if he's under British command.
  8. Typical British side mounted sling swivel. He's not much of a fighter without a magazine in the gun though? Maybe he's British?
  9. I don't have any photos of that gun specifically and don't generally post photos, especially here, with the resizing steps required it's kind of a task.... for me anyhow. Mine, like all the others in the US is also not on what I would call the absolute "period correct" mount either, since none of those seem to have been re-imported back here? If circumstances change in the future I might post some. Thanks for your patience!
  10. I have a job that currently requires a lot of time commitment, but perhaps in retirement I'll look into it. I had a rare gun (1 of 3 known) with an article published in a prominent magazine by a well known author. LOTS of liberties taken with the background on that particular gun, to the point I'd never allow that again. Just finished another book (I also have an extensive library within the scope of my collecting interests) and saw several repro items that have now been legitimized by again, a "well known and respected" author in the field. He was just too lazy to do the research and a
  11. More accurately it looks to be a MG52A, a bit later model on an earlier tripod. I don't know that any of those specific tripods exist today. I have the gun, original manual from Colts and an ammo box (no stripes). I can't speculate what the stripes are for other than it would differentiate that ammo box from an essentially same spare parts box. My box has no stripes, but I have seen other boxes with stripes depending on how the package was set up. Claims of barrel heating are likely exaggerated and more likely is that M2HB upgrades included the ability to just change out the jacket to wat
  12. Great story, but a lot of museum descriptions are simply made up.....potentially by finding this package somewhere in the basement and assuming it was an "issue" item and creating a story around it. The story of "hey kid, go find a container for this leftover crummy US stuff in the corner of the basement, or find an ammo box to put it all in" doesn't hold the same attraction. I have a substantial collection of vintage MG's and can tell you most authors have never owned any of them, nor spent any time with them and descriptions are not particularly accurate, even in some military manuals.
  13. They are more accurate than described and not all that much recoil. A lot of urban legend that is in nearly every article about them. I've owned a few and shot one of them. They are a neat piece of history.
  14. 1919 around $2500 the 1917 $6000 since it's built on an Izzy 1919 parts kit with an aftermarket water jacket, not a true 1917 kit. If they were done by a know reputable building on common side plates they could bring a little more? A lot depends on how you market them and if you're willing to pack and ship or if it's all local pick up? The market is full up with semi 1919's and they are easy to build. The 1917 varies a bit depending on the quality of the water jacket and from the pics it's hard to tell. There were a couple guys making these from scratch. Some are real nice, some are n
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