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  1. Very nice attributed boxed medal, photos and research. Thanks for sharing. If you haven't been to one of the 94th Aero Squadron restaurants (there are four nationwide, I believe) you'd probably enjoy once restaurants open again after the WuFlu vaccine is widely available. https://la.eater.com/2017/9/28/16379702/94th-aero-squadron-restaurant-van-nuys-photos-inside-valley
  2. Prior written approval on application to the Secretary of Defense to get on an approved buyers list (subject to renewal at 12 mos. or less) and: 1. The buyer is a museum or educational institution, or 2. The buyer donates it without expectation of compensation to a museum "that agrees to display the item for the educational benefit of the American public", or educational institution or the issuing Armed Forces Branch. In other words, private ownership of any US medal or ribbon acquired from a foreign source would be illegal. This piece of work is
  3. To close the loop on the subject fake USS Baltimore Dewey medal and for the good reputation of the seller, he has changed his listing to "replica" and knocked the price down to a realistic 99 bucks after being told by "various OMSA members" that it was not authentic. "It is our policy to never sell fakes nor defraud the Ebay public" says the seller. Wouldn't it be great if all eBay was like that.
  4. John, Great photos, thanks for sharing them! Your neat family photos of Christmas 1964 motivated me to start a post. Would you mind posting your photos, words and what looks like your really cool toy C130 there as well? The title of that thread for anybody not familiar with Christmas music of that era is a line from "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and that is the order of the day for all. After this year, we absolutely need some Christmas cheer!
  5. John, Great picture of your family Christmas 56 years ago, thanks for sharing. If you're the guy in red (rather than the guy that took the snapshot) we're about the same age.
  6. Chinese and domestic fakers may one day replicate the distinctive, unmistakable machine engraving of genuine Dewey Medals, but they're far from there yet. Crisp, sharply defined and readily distinctive with no flash or spillover from the metal being impressed. 121 year old Tiffany quality control at its best.
  7. Now, if you want to see a fake USS Baltimore Dewey, here's one on ebay now, 12/20/20. But it would be wrong to rush to judgment that the seller is aware of this. And I would certainly give him the benefit of the doubt that he believes it is authentic. Caveat emptor. Adam and I discussed it and his comment was, "When I saw the picture of the obverse and reverse I knew exactly what the ENGRAVING on the rim would look like." This is likely one of the ones that he recalls seeing about 15-20 years ago, that some faker was crudely engraving for the collector market. Also note the mott
  8. Glad to help, Dirk. You've got a cool medal and probably not many out there that have a pic of the Marine to go with them, and a sergeant major in dress blues, no less.
  9. Looks to me like Dirk's medal and the unnamed one that is the subject of this thread are "cast mates". Be interesting to compare side by side rim images. Dirk, in case you didn't know, 1 Lt Joseph M----, Jr. (1914-1966) is buried at Arlington. Here's a photo of him and his wife when he was a sergeant major for your site. And the muster roll from USS Chaumont when he sailed for Shanghai and the 4th Marines on 5/21/37 as a corporal. His wife Louise died in 2010 at 90. Which if you obtained your medal sometime after that would jibe nicely. Sadly, he may have been struggling with
  10. As far as the "hooked G" variation, just among the medals posted here, there seem to be at least 2 different strikes. IMO, the top 2 medals appear to be different strikes than the bottom 2. The top 2 have a somewhat similar engraving style, but I wouldn't go as far as to say likely the same engraver.
  11. This April 2009 thread started by bobgee (RIP) from April 2009 has at least two 1937 honeycart examples that I saw with non-serif G and horizontal line on the character. Has anyone done a survey of all known examples to determine data frequency of the two G variations? Please post sideview of your nice medal when you get it.
  12. Sorry to hear that, it's too bad that you or jmprstr didn't end up with it, since I believe either of you would have then ordered up the file from Geoff or another archivist to solve the mystery of whether there is a document in the service file to corroborate that this is a bona fide replacement medal authorized by BUPERS for Tiffany & Co. to furnish McKay. Everyone has their opinion and mine is that this Dewey is an authentic replacement medal. I'm not surprised to see that the sole bidder and winner of the Phillippine Campaign chose to take a powder, since he bid on the Philippine b
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