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  1. Thank you. I just noticed the reply. I've had two messages that it's original since I posted this thread. A bunch saying it's an older reproduction. I'm still not sure!
  2. Welcome. I work in Albany but live in Rhinebeck.
  3. I'm thinking the same way as Rhscott. The coastal artillery branch used this style liner helmet, probably longer than any other branch, as they were stateside. Plus, almost any army base you go to seems to be made of sand. This M1917a1 was also used by the first US troops heading to Europe in WWII. The condition could also be explained by long attic storage. Best regards. Jim
  4. Welcome to the forum. Why do you think it served in the Pacific? Best regards. Jim
  5. I agree with most of the assessments made. My only hesitation is that we are basing our opinions on pictures. I've found a hands on inspection can sometimes change ones mind. (That actually works both ways.) Sometimes. Regards. Jim
  6. The W.O. insignia under the collar is a fairly common thing. It is a unofficial nod to Warrant Officer pride and heritage.
  7. The anchor marking is found on green buckle, WWII chin strap buckles also. I believe there are several posted to this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I swear this is true. I was flying a UH-60 out of Al Kut Iraq with a 1LT. I was on the controls so he was handling the radios. He keyed the mic calling the control tower for taxi and keyed the mic again answering himself! When I questioned him he swore it was the tower that answered. Of course, when I asked the tower if we had been cleared the answer was, "Negative"! The kid was a dope. As the senior instructor pilot I kept getting stuck with the dolt.
  9. I started in the reserves in 1986. Switched to the Guard in 1989. I don't ever recall a briefing like that but I wasn't an NCO. I do recall being told by a LTC in late 88 or early 89 to, "transfer to the guard", as they were deactivating a lot of reserve units. He was right.
  10. Very nice. I've been interested in getting into these but really don't know the safest way to get started.
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