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  1. You have to be one of the coolest High School History teachers ever! I wish I would've had a history teacher like you in school! Showing your students these artifacts is brilliant! I'm sure it makes the students more engaged and interested to learn more in your class.
  2. I do not have this clipping..but did know of the info. So I guess my question is the 1202d unit he went overseas with also? Or ...?? I don't know..this is so confusing...so I also have a certificate that says "B" company 1907 Service Command Unit. And that was issued after the war.
  3. I do, would you like me to send this one to you also?
  4. I know it is NOT the best picture...but I tried. Can anybody Id this patch? I know the bottom was his rank. I believe this was WWII. I don't know the unit my grandfather was in but he was a Chief Wireman (I think that is the correct title). But I was hoping the top patch (if anyone knows) would help me figure out his unit or division? Anyways...all suggestions/help is appreciated.
  5. Thank you guys! I was thinking that this was a "friend" of my grandmothers before she met my grandfather. And she worked over in Japan as a civilian during the occupation so you are probably right about him spending time in Japan.
  6. Can anybody identify the patch on this soldiers sleeve please? The only thing I know about this man is he may have been in Hawaii and Germany at one time and his name is John Wm Busel? I think. Any thing you could tell me would be appreciated. Thank you. Sorry about the quality its a pic of a pic.
  7. I might have some photos. Not real sure if it's what you're looking for but I can send them to you if you'd like to take a look? You have an email I can send them to?
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