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  1. for the record: The November Wilmington show was a nice success - thank you to all who attended! One of the questions asked by many who were there, however, was "On what specific day will we know for sure if SOS is going to happen???" Quite understandable - we all need to know these things in order to make our plans. Here's the deal: as of this moment, the show is a GO. The OVMS has been told we are "good to go", and we are proceeding along under that banner until we are told otherwise. Our plan is to have the show. We are doing everything in our power to make that happe
  2. I think you guys have a misunderstanding of OVMS policy. This is not uncommon. I was on the road when I saw this, so pardon the late reply. I called Bill to confirm my understanding of OVMS policy just to be sure. If someone has an active paid table reservation and cancels (for any reason) prior to the cut-off date (2 weeks before the show), they can roll their tables from the current year to the next. Period. Happens all the time. These are the things that would actually cause you to be cast adrift from your long-standing tables: 1) The table holder packs up before the
  3. As it has been explained to me, as long as an event is diligently following whatever the (ever-changing) protocols are at the time that it happens, and the participants were there of their own free will and not brought in zip-tied and hooded, then the principle of assumption of risk applies.
  4. Ok, boys and girls - I have been doing the happy dance for about six weeks now, ever since hanging up after a very successful conversation with the Kentucky Expo Center.. but Bill wanted to make sure that we had a signed contract in hand before making a public announcement. Well, the contract is signed, so we can now spread the word. A day or two after the 'socially distant' Wilmington show, we were able to secure a deal with the Kentucky Expo Center to annex Hall B, which is where the children's fair has been held in previous years. They had just cancelled, and that hall was (ve
  5. Andrew - the Air Corps badge is absolutely stunning!!
  6. It is with sincere regret that we announce that the 2020 MAX Show in York, PA has been cancelled due to restrictions related to the COVID 19 virus. Particularly the social distancing requirements would have forced us to either drastically reduce the size of the show or move it to several different locations around the fairgrounds. If you have tables reserved for this show, they will automatically roll over to the 2021 show. You will lose nothing. If you have rented hotel rooms, you will need to cancel them ASAP. We will inform you of all the details very soon. Keep your eyes open to the OVMS w
  7. It's official - as of Monday July 6, the Wilmington Show (July 24-25) is a "GO!" Our revised show plan was cleared by the Health Department, and we are on track for our 'better late than never' Wilmington Show. It will be a little weird. (What isn't these days?) The Roberts Centre has graciously allowed us to use the bulk of the facility, so we will be spread out with huge aisles for our customers, and very spacious interiors for the dealers. Sanitizer stations will be available at intervals throughout the hall. Participants will be asked to maintain a six-foot distance from one another
  8. Posted at the request of Bill Combs, OVMS business manager: The Roberts Centre Show Has Been Rescheduled. THE NEW DATE IS JULY 23, 24 and, 25, 2020. Our Roberts Center Show–The Cornfield Show-that was scheduled for June this year has been rescheduled for July 23, 24 and 25, 2020. We have been forced to make this change because of the Ohio restrictions on large gatherings due to coronavirus. If you have already reserved your tables for this show, don’t worry. Your tables will be automatically transferred to the July show. If you have not yet reserved your tables, you can
  9. Well, it's over for another year. Speaking for myself, this was one of the most interesting SOS events that I have ever attended, and I have been to all but the first one. There were hiccups, of course - there will always be a few things that go haywire, but all in all, it was quite smooth from an OVMS perspective. We saw very heavy attendance. Not sure what the public numbers were yet (the office staff has yet to run the tapes and tally those numbers) but I would bet it was a record. Lots of families, new collectors, and young collectors - a real challenge to the stereotype that this is
  10. ... and this is why we have this sign prominently displayed:
  11. To echo what has been said, the $20 items are fine. As are the $10, and $5 items. The "what should I bring?" question also relates to the table space and your overall expenses. If you have your own private island complete with living room and spa facility, as some jerks do (me!), then bringing a wide array of price points makes good sense. After all, let's be honest - I want ALL of your money, not just the Benjamins. However, if you are flying in from Belgium, and are sharing one table with a pal, then you should probably focus on truly premium items, otherwise the cost of attending w
  12. Turns out that one of the alums from museum geek school is the source for Gaylord's (conservation supplies) padded hangers. If you need to get your historical militaria properly supported in the closet, I would strongly recommend these: http://www.hangerbee.com/ We all need a slug of these, but who has time to sit around making them? Remember - even a padded hanger is insufficient for heavy / fragile things like fleece flying clothing. Acid-free box is still the way to go there.
  13. Dustin & Owen - the fact that this image comes from NARA, and was featured in a magazine article at some point in the past are not mutually-exclusive. It absolutely adds to the conversation here, and nobody is concerned or offended. Very interesting to see them sorted by specification!
  14. Hello Anton: A friend sent me photos of that group, and I chased it as well. Congratulations! Glad to know where it ended up. My take on the damage (from what I could see in the photos) was that it did not detract from a really nice A-2, but would absolutely need to be considered when displaying the jacket. Hangers are bad for everything, but with leather jackets, the damage caused by hangers is compounded due to the weight of the material. (this goes double for shearling jackets) With seam damage already there, you will have to be extra careful. Ideally, it will be stored flat in a
  15. THE CORNFIELD AWAITS!! Bill informs me that the show is officially SOLD OUT, utilizing every nook and cranny inside the hall where the fire marshal will allow a table, which bodes well for the event. If you have not attended one of these before, I highly recommend it. This event has been delivering consistently good results (for me personally) both as buyer and seller. It is solidly on the 'not to be missed' list. Here are the details: Location - The Roberts Centre 123 Gano Rd. Wilmington, OH. This is on Interstate 71 at exit 50; approximately half-w
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